When to start baby shopping

Pregnancy shopping: When to Start Buying for the Baby?

You just found out that you are pregnant, and your heart is bursting with excitement. What now?  When is the right time to begin with baby shopping? Honestly, there is no exact time.

First, you should look for good deals and consider the most significant stuff like strollers, cribs, and car seats with priority. Any discounts and sales you can find will save you hundreds of money.  If you need some assistance on how to begin, our team wanted to get through everything important before giving you the green light to start baby shopping.

If you think you can not contain yourself from buying things here and there, do not worry! We will give you ideas on what to look for, so in the end, you will have everything you need and will not forget essential stuff.

Factors to consider

Our team will also bring your attention to some factors that are worth mentioning and ask you answer to some general questions before the shopping day.

  • Gender of the baby

If you are still not aware of the gender, maybe it is way too sooner to start with the baby shopping. Knowing if you have a girl or a boy will determine the color and the design of most baby products.

An onesie with ribbons is not going to be useful if you end up having a boy. Avoid pointedly gendered clothes and baby products. You do not want to search for another mom-to-be to gift it later or go buy a new one in a rush.

Of course, we do not mean to say that you have to buy everything blue or pink for your child. Nowadays, these standard colors are considered a bit outdated. Many years ago, before the pink and blue wave, babies were dressed the same, regardless of gender.

In case you want to start shopping before knowing is it a girl or a boy, you can always opt for unisex colors like yellow, green or white, brown, and more.

  • Good deals

If you wait too long to start baby shopping, you might spend way more money than if you had started to look for good deals at the early stage. Compare the prices and choose between a few brands before making a decision.

Big items will need more attention because you will use them at the most time when the baby arrives. The crib, stroller, the car seat will be essential for the first years of your child. This is why they should be considered well.

Smaller things like bibs, breast pumps, nursing bras, and pillows can be purchased later, but if you stumble upon a big sale, do not miss it. In the end, you still would have to buy these, so if you can save some money, you will be thanking yourself in the long term.

Chances are you will be tired at the end of the pregnancy, so you might be having a hard time making a decision and spending lots of money while you can get everything on sale. Who wouldn’t love that?

  • Budget

Shopping for a baby can be pricey. You will need a large amount of basic stuff from the beginning. To prevent unnecessary purchases and greater expenses, make a list of the most essential ones and follow it as much as you can.

We already mentioned it, but the bigger items are better to be bought first, especially if you are on a tight budget. Of course, compare the prices, look for good deals.  However, make sure that they are present sooner, so you do not have to worry about money at the end.

If you want to buy all the baby products at once, you have to be dedicated to saving money beforehand. We know that excitement and happiness can interfere with that, though. Also, you never know what you will end up spending the money for since unexpected costs are a common occurrence.

Baby stuff to start shopping while pregnant

See our list of what to start shopping while pregnant.

Baby clothes

Shopping for baby clothes is enjoyable experience. Most women have been dreaming of baby clothes shopping way back when they were younger. This is why when somebody says “baby shopping”, the first thing that comes to mind is clothes.

And this is completely understandable. Who can see baby clothes and stay indifferent to their cuteness? Looking at them and touching them fill your heart with beautiful impatience. This can lead to buying more than a newborn might need.

A good tip to prevent losing it from the start and buy amount for a whole wardrobe , is to exercise control for a week or two by not buying anything. When the moment comes, start with onesies, swaddles, hats, mittens, and rompers. Most babies outgrow these pretty fast, so do not jump in and buy many of them.

How about the size? A great idea is to buy a 0-3 month size, as well as the 3-6 month one. You will spend a lot of time at home when the baby arrives and going shopping would be a bit stressful. It will also grow fast, so you want to have the first two sizes to save some time in the future.


A diaper is the one thing you will need to buy way too frequently than you can imagine now. Stocking up on diapers is not a bad move since you are going to need them anyway. This will also save you some money.

Statistics say that a baby needs approximately 3000 diapers a year. This is information is for the disposable ones. The cost of the diapers varies on the quality and the brand.

However, instead of purchasing hundreds of them, you can consider choosing reusable ones. Cloth diapers should be cleaned, which can be a con since you have to constantly organize your laundry.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that baby skin can be susceptible, and some brands can cause the skin to react badly. We do not recommend purchasing many diapers of only one brand because you will not be able to return them later.

Breastfeeding Essentials

You will start breastfeeding as soon as the baby arrives, so you have to think about it beforehand. The set of things you will need includes nipple cream moisturizer, nursing bras, milk storage containers, burp cloths, bibs, and baby bottles. Of course, this is not everything, however, start with these essentials.

The nipple cream will be handy at the beginning of your breastfeeding because you will need something to heal the sore nipples. You will need it in the first 2-3 weeks.

Pumping breast milk is not advisable before the 3rd or 4th week. You can store the milk storage containers in the freezer and use them when you can’t feed the baby naturally.

Baby room furniture and accessories

It does not matter if you are preparing a whole room for the baby or you want to sleep in your bedroom. There are things that require setting up before the baby comes home. Such items are the crib, sheets for the crib, baby dresser, changing table, and baby monitor.

You can go without the baby monitor. However, you will be way freer to do chores and different things at home without continually checking in with the baby. Not to mention going to the baby’s room all the time can wake it up, which, as we all know, is not preferable.

The Owlet and Angelcare baby monitors show the little one’s temperature,  monitor the heart rate and breathing. How cool is that?

Bathing items and accessories

Bathing should be soothing to the baby and comfortable for you. To make it that, you need to take care of a few things before the first bath. Some of the items that will come necessary are the bathtub, baby shampoo, lotion, towel with a hood, soft hairbrush, and washcloths.

We suggest you look for a bathtub with a sling because it is the most comfortable one. Babies are tiny creatures, and holding them over a slippery surface is slightly stressful. If the baby bathtub has a sling, you will be more comfortable holding it.

Must-have items

Don’t forget about the car seat, first aid kit, baby swing, thermometer, and nail clips. The car seat is going to be used immediately after the hospital when you take the baby home. The other items will also be needed at some point, and it will be way better if you have them available than to panic later over the fact that you do not have them.

Wrap up

Expecting a baby is exciting and magical. We do not want to panic but make the most of it. To answer our original question again, you can start baby shopping the minute you know what you want for your baby and how much money you are willing to spend.

Some moms-to-be start shopping at the end of the pregnancy, and it is entirely normal. Do not feel rushed or anxious. Make sure that you have thought about everything before deciding.

Shopping earlier, on the other hand, will save you some stress at the end of the pregnancy. Do not buy things that you might not need or that are just pretty and not functional and comfortable.