When to put baby in stroller without car seat

When You Can Put Baby in Stroller Without Car Seat

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Are you wondering when it will be safe to use your stroller in a sitting position, without the bassinet or infant-only car seat?

You are not alone, as parents are consistently asking when the best time is for the baby to be placed in a position other than a reclined one or in a strapped in baby car seat in its stroller.

The quick and straightforward answer to this question is – when the baby is capable of holding its head up on its own without the need of support.

While this varies from one baby to another, usually infants are capable of holding their heads up when they reach the age of 3-6 months

It is easy to test whether your little one is old enough to be placed in the stroller without the supportive car seat or bassinet. You will see when your child is ready as it will start to hold its head up on its own. This means that its neck is strong enough to hold the weight, and thus keep the baby safe when not in a reclined position.

In general, you can expect that the average baby should be able to hold its head up without added support when it reaches the age of 6 months.

This is when you can put the baby in the stroller without the added support and cradling of the car seat or bassinet.

What are the things to consider when transitioning to using the stroller without the car seat?

If your baby is under 6 months, and you are not sure how long it can hold its head up without support, you should make sure that your stroller can recline completely. This will help support the baby’s head and neck and will allow you to use the stroller without the added car seat.

With your baby in a reclined position, you can make sure it has the support it needs at all times, even if its neck muscles are not strong enough to allow it to hold its head up for long.

A reclining stroller will help prop and hold your baby up – safe and comfy without the risk of tipping to one side or another.

Also, it would be best if you considered using or transitioning to a stroller that offers head support.

This type of strollers will ensure that the baby’s head and neck are supported before it has the strength to keep its head up by itself.

With strollers with head support, you can place your little one inside in a slightly reclined position and make sure that its neck and head are safely supported during the ride.

If you are transitioning from using a baby car seat to a regular stroller, you may want to consider strollers that can have a bassinet attached to them. This is an excellent alternative to using a car seat, and does not require that you wait until the little one is 3 to 6 months old to use it.

Many of these strollers can easily be transitioned from use with a bassinet to a stroller with a seat, which means that the stroller will grow with your child, and you can keep using it from newborn to toddlerhood.

Please keep in mind, that if your baby is under 6 months old, and if it cannot hold its head up on its own for long, you should definitely avoid using folding umbrella strollers or jogging strollers which offer little or no neck and head support!

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Final words

Using a stroller that can accommodate a car seat is super convenient for most parents. The problem is that as your little one starts growing and lifting and holding its head up, chances are it will start enjoying being confined in the snuggly car seat less and less.

This is the time, when you should consider what the best way is to transition from using a car seat to using a stroller without it.

Please note that you should wait until you are sure that your little one can keep its head up for more extended periods, or otherwise ensure that it has proper support for its neck and head in the stroller when it is out of the car seat.

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