When Do Babies Outgrow Swings

When Do Babies Outgrow Swings: Age & Weight Limits

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Holding a baby the whole day can be very challenging, especially if you are not used to it. There are many reasons you may need to put him down, and this is why we recommend you get yourself a soft and safe swing where your baby can rest and play. Bear in mind that this is an item that will be used for a short period. Usually, babies outgrow swings really fast. When exactly? By the age of nine to twelve months, but it may be even sooner than expected. The most important factor when choosing a swing is your baby’s size. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the swing’s weight and height limit.

When do babies outgrow swings age weight limits?

All parents wish to have more free time for themselves while their little one is sleeping or resting peacefully. This is why having a swing for your baby is so essential. We highly recommend you to use swings properly with the recommended age and weight limit in order to avoid putting your little one’s health at risk. Use the baby swing properly and know when to stop. Many parents find it hard to determine when is the best time to stop. In this article, we have prepared you all the information you will need about baby swings. Keep reading to determine with accuracy when your baby has outgrown the baby swing.

Baby Swing Age Limit

Baby swings are perfect for newborns- they can be used immediately after your baby comes out, and it can enjoy them until it is twenty-four months. There are many types of baby swings you need to consider for your child and its growth and development. Almost half of the boys reach the maximum weight when they are sixteen months, while it is twenty months for girls.

The most important key factor that plays a massive role in determining the right time to stop using the swing is your baby’s weight. Usually, baby swings can hold up to fourteen kilograms of weight, but we recommend you to stop using a swing when your baby reaches eleven kilograms. Usually, manufacturers indicate this in the instructions to avoid confusion. Follow the instructions to avoid breaking the swing. When your baby reaches the indicated kilograms, we recommend you stop using the swing immediately. No parent will be happy to see his baby injured because of a baby swing.


Baby swings are perfect for keeping babies safe, busy and help them fall asleep more easily. This gives parents more free time to spend for themselves or to do the usual daily tasks. When you get a baby swing for your little one for the first time, let him stay in it for about half an hour to check if that helps him relax. If it is no help, get him from it. It is very important to know when to stop because the swing can make the baby feel dizzy and therefore affect the bond with the parent.

Your baby is a climber

According to their age, babies have different behavior, and some are even too active. When it becomes too challenging to keep your little one in the swing, we recommend you let him out. You can use harnesses to keep him strapped, but we do not recommend that since this can get him tangled when he tries to climb out and therefore make him fall. Once your baby is able to roam around by itself, it will be harder to keep him strapped.

Do I really need a baby swing?

If you are still here wondering whether it is worth buying a baby swing or not, here is what you should know – It is a very useful item that will be of real help during the first months of the baby, so yes, it is worth it.

Benefits of having a baby swing:

  • Soothe and calm the baby when the mom is doing other activities in the house.
  • It helps the kid rest peacefully.
  • Entertains the baby, especially when he has been crying nonstop and can’t calm down. A perfect baby swing for this purpose is a stimulating one.
  • It makes the baby more relaxed.
  • The swing tends to calm babies down because it’s a sensory experience that reminds them of inside the womb.

Baby Swing Safety tips before they outgrow it

Here we have prepared you some of the most important safety measures you will need to adhere to when putting your baby in a swing for the first time:

  • Always check the weight limit. You do not want injuries because of overweight. Make sure your baby is still allowed to use the swing.
  • Always pay attention to your baby’s behavior, especially if it wants to get out of the swing.
  • Make sure the baby swing is in a flat and open area when your baby is in it. It can also be dangerous to have pets around it.
  • The toys and decorations should be out of the baby’s reach.
  • If the baby swing appears to be strangely moving or does not function as needed, stop using it to avoid any possible injuries.
  • Always use the safety harness provided.
  • We recommend you to use the swing for about half an hour – it appears to be enough for babies.
  • With multi-speed swings, young babies prefer slower speeds and older babies like quick speed.
  • Don’t use a portable swing as an infant carrier.
  • Be on the lookout for recalls.

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Wrap Up

There is no right or wrong time for your baby to start using a swing. Always follow the safety measures and the manufacturer’s instructions. According to your baby’s size and age, you will know if it has outgrown the swing.

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