What should babies wear under sleep sack

What Should Babies Wear Under Sleep Sack?

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Many babies do not like being covered at night. That’s why you need to make sure you have the ideal sleep sack or swaddle for your precious one that will keep them warm. However, you must also decide what your baby will be wearing under this sleep sack- footless romper, short or long-sleeved onesie, etc.

In today’s article, we will take a look at all the different factors you have to think about when choosing your baby’s “outfit” for under the sleep sack. We will discuss the appropriate clothing to use for layering, and we will give you our top 2 suggestions for bodysuits (trust us, they are adorable!) Let’s get started!

Carter’s Baby Boys’ 7-Pack Long-Sleeve Bodysuits

Even though these are mainly bought for baby boys, they are perfectly suitable for girls as well, and we simply love the cute patterns they come in. However, if you prefer solid color bodysuits, you get that option as well. The solid colors are really nice since you can put short sleeves over them.

These Carter’s long-sleeve bodysuits are made entirely from cotton and are suitable for machine wash. They feature reinforced panels and nickel-free straps. We also love the snap closure and the expandable shoulders they have. The best part is, this suggestion is really affordable, given the fact that it includes 7 pieces!

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Preemie Bodysuits

Once again made of 100% cotton, these bodysuits are so cute you will immediately fall in love with them. They come in multiple patterns and feature snap closure for quick and easy diapering and dressing.

The bodysuits are also suitable for machine wash, so you will save yourself time. What we really like about these Hudson Baby unisex bodysuits is how gentle and soft they are on the baby’s skin. They are ideal for everyday use and are a great choice for under the sleep sack.

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What should Babies Wear Under the Sleep Sack

Here is everything that you need to consider:

  • Nursery temperature

Logically, if the temperature in the nursery is not that low (let’s say 75 °F), a short-sleeved onesie would be enough for your little angel. The two suggestions we gave you are ideal for lower temperatures like 65 degrees Fahrenheit, for example. Couple them with a footless romper and you’re good to go!

It is believed that the ideal temperature for sleep when it comes to babies is somewhere between 69 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, your baby may feel a bit cold, so you need to make sure you get them all the layering they need. Here is a table we believe would help you:

  • TOG value

Every blanket or sleep sack has a specific TOG value. This is basically its measure of thermal effectiveness or insulation that indicates how well a product will keep your angel warm. The image above shows that different temperature requires different TOG value. The lower the temperature, the higher the TOG value of your sleep sack must be.

  • Sleep sack material

Cotton and fleece are the two most popular materials used for sleep sacks. Keep in mind that all sleep sacks are designed to be breathable, but cotton ones perform somewhat better in terms of breathability.

Therefore, cotton sleep sacks may not be the best choice for colder nights. A fleece sack will keep your baby warmer. If, however, you have a cotton sleep sack, do not worry- you will just need more layering.

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FAQ About What Should Babies Wear Under a Sleep Sack

Q1. Can my baby wear an onesie under the sleeper?

When it comes to moderate temperature, dressing your baby in an onesie is actually the best way to keep it warm. Therefore- yes, it is perfectly fine for a baby to wear an onesie under the sleep sack! If the temperature is too low, though, you will have to add a few more layers of clothing.

Q2. Are all weighted sleep sacks safe?

You should always use sleep sacks that are approved by a creditable institution such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)!

Q3. Can my baby overheat in its sleep sack?

Well, if it is overdressed, it can, yes. That’s why it is essential to first consider the three factors we discussed in this article: nursery temperature, TOG, and material of the sleep sack. Only then should you dress your angel for sleep!

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Wrap Up

Underdressing or overdressing our babies is something we should avoid at all costs! Overdressing will inevitably lead to overheating, or worse- Sudden Infant Death (SIDS), whereas underdressing will make your baby feel cold and, of course, cry all night because it won’t be able to fall asleep.

The material and the TOG value of your sleep sack, together with the temperature of your nursery, will determine how exactly your baby should be dressed for sleep. Our two suggestions for onesies are perfect for moderate temperatures, so don’t forget to check them out as well!


What bodysuits worked for your baby?

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