What is the average number of guests at a baby shower

Baby Shower Invitations: What is the Average Number of Guests?

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It’s time for your baby shower, and you start making a list of the people to invite. Then you start questioning some of the invitations or wonder if it is okay to add more people to the list.

Expecting a baby is something to be celebrated. You want to share this moment with everybody and express how happy you are. However, this is a special moment, and you do not want to spoil it with the presence of people that you do not like or feel that do not wish you well.

A baby shower with many people would be too loud and leave you tired from all the conversations and different individuals. This is why we advise sharing this moment only with your dearest friends and family members. Our team focused on some tips for the baby shower guest list – average number and who not to invite.

Is there an Average Number of Guests at a Baby Shower?

We do not believe that there is a specific number of guests determined for a baby shower. It depends solely on how many friends and relatives you have, as well as are you an introvert or an extrovert as a person.

Another question is, where the party is going to be held? If it is in your place, make sure that you invite as many people as space allows you to.

Smaller baby shower parties can include between 15-30 guests, but if you feel like this is too much for you, feel free to cut this number. On the other hand, if you have a big family and circle of friends, the average number can be up to 100 guests.

Before deciding on the number, imagine all of these people starring at your bump and narrating their own birth stories in an attempt to encourage you. How do you feel? Do you think that you can handle it, or is it better the lower the number?

How to decide who to invite?

Most of your close friends will want to be a part of this adventure of yours. They will want to share the joy and experience all the good moments with you.

However, do not feel guilty if you are secretly wishing for a smaller event. This is a time of your life when you should consider your and the baby’s needs a priority. If you do not feel like inviting many guests, and you want to spend it with the closest people to your heart, then feel free to do so.

If you plan on hiring a person to organize the baby shower, they would tell you the average number is 30 guests. Do not forget unwrapping gifts is kind of a long process, so more guests means more time spend for that specific moment. In case you decide to invite a huge number of people, you will have to open their presents for hours.

Who to Add in Your Baby Shower Guest List?

Deciding on the go who to invite on your baby shower can turn it into a disaster. As with everything in life, some planning can make wonders.

Every mom-to-be should be happy and calm at their baby shower. Inviting people that you do not get along with just for the sake of inviting them is not a good idea. In fact, it will ruin this beautiful moment of yours.

If you are the organizer, make sure that you know who the future mom does not get along with. You do not want to worry her or prevent her from having fun at the baby shower.

If the party is supposed to be a surprise, you can ask any close person who knows her enough to help you with the guest list.

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You do not need these people at your baby shower

In an ideal world, everybody would be a friend. However, in reality, humans are different, and sometimes it is hard to communicate. This could be happening with a family member as well. Some people simply cause chaos and annoyance wherever they go.

We gathered some types of people that you should avoid inviting to your joyous event. We suggest going through your guest list again. If anybody can be put in some of the following categories, think twice before inviting them.

Miss Know It All

There is always one person who knows everything, wants to dictate everyone’s next move, and thinks that their opinion is above the others’. This could be a workmate, relative, or a friend.

It can be very unsettling to always be advised on what to do before the baby comes, how to deliver it, and what name to pick up, especially in the cases when you never asked.

Forcing ideas and personal beliefs is an energy you do not want in your life. It is your right to choose the next step of this journey and to decide not to invite such a person on this special day.

Distant relatives

Members of your family might be so excited to share this day with you that they end up inviting distant relatives to the party. They can do it with good intentions; however, the baby shower is not the right time as much as you want to meet them.

Make sure that you tell your family that you do not want additional guests that you hardly know.

The sensitive person

Life sometimes leaves us at unpleasant places. This can leads to us being super sensitive on some topics and not want to attend certain events.

Suppose you have a close friend that had experienced miscarriage, losing a baby, or is having a problem getting pregnant. Kindly ask them what they think about the baby shower and make sure that they are in a state of mind that allows them to be happy and have fun at your party.

In the end, show empathy and assure them you try to understand the situation and why it might cause them to be too emotional.

Some coworkers

Just because you see these people every day, this does not mean you have to invite them to this personal event. Not all of them are your friend. Unless you are really close, do not feel guilty for not inviting them to the baby shower.

Have you Heard of Baby Shower Guest List App?

Yes, an app helps you organize your baby shower from A to Z. Choose the theme, food, activities and get inspirational ideas from other moms-to-be. The app helps to select the most appropriate location, entertainment, and catering services.

Wrap Up

During the baby shower, you should be surrounded by your loved ones. It is a perfect time to hear what they want to say about giving birth and share each other fun stories from this magical time for every woman.

The average number of guests is entirely up to you. If you are an organizer of a surprise baby shower, make sure that you invite only people that the pregnant woman would be comfortable around.

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