Nested Bean Sleep Sack Review

The Nested Bean Sleep Sack Review (2019)

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This is a post about the nested bean sleep sack review.

First, it is important to point out that I was not paid or given a free product to write this review. The information herein is my honest review of the sleep sack and reviews from other customers.

Nested bean sleep sack review

The Nested Bean Story

It all started with a baby boy who wouldn’t sleep unless his mom had her hand on his chest. That mom was Manasi Gangan, the founder of Nested Bean.

Guided by a mother’s intuition and driven to help her baby, she created a garment of sorts that simulated the pressure of her touch with lightly weighted parts. Slowly her little one started to drift off and stay asleep apart from her.

After witnessing similar results with other babies using an early product model, Manasi realized that she just had to spread this simple idea to other mothers in need.

She had discovered that harnessing the power of a mother’s touch is an essential part of soothing new arrivals, aiding their transition from the womb into the world.

In fact, as it turns out, simulated touch is so powerful that it is used on pre-term babies in NICUs to calm them, boost their socio-emotional development and bolster their immune systems.

Manasi gathered a team of professionals from engineering, juvenile product design, retail and marketing. They began by meeting with pulmonary cariologists, researchers and child safety experts in order to gather as much research as they could on infant sleep issues, touch therapy and sleep safety. Then they set about applying these principles to the creation of the Zen Swaddle, the only swaddle to truly feel like a parents embrace.

Design of the Sleep Sack

The lightly weighted and adjustable Zen Swaddle from Nested Bean allows your baby to feel like they are sleeping in your arms. Your reassuring touch can signal comfort, security and love to your baby, allowing them to calm and sleep peacefully; the weighted Zen Swaddle duplicates that sensation.

Based on the medically proven benefits of touch, the Zen Swaddle includes lightly weighted areas on both the center (where your palm would go) and sides (where your arms would go) to simulate the feeling of being held. Moms who have used  The Zen Sleep Sack Blanket say their babies get up to two additional hours of nighttime sleep within one to three nights.

The Zen Swaddle

Sleep sack sizing 

Two sizes in one lasts twice as long – a small interior to keep your baby’s legs snug during the first few weeks; the extra-long sack provides additional legroom as your baby grows from 0-6 months.

The material of the sleep sack

Made from 100% luxuriously soft cotton for your baby’s tender skin, it is washer and dryer safe. The weighted pads are filled with non-toxic poly beads, the same as you find in children’s stuffed toys.

Nested bean sleep sack safety

The Nested Bean Sleep Sack exceeds safety standards. It has passed 12 mandatory and 7 voluntary tests. All materials are BPA, toxic and Phthalate free.


Babies can at times have horrible sleep patterns. With this sleep sack, most parents have reported that their babies went from waking up every couple of hours to waking up only once or sleeping through the night. It is, however, important to understand that this is not a miracle product to make your baby a good sleeper. Babies are different so this product may not get your baby sleeping through the night as it does for other parents. Nonetheless, I believe it can work great when used together with various sleep training techniques like a sleep routine.

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