Mimijumi vs Comotomo Bottles – 2022 Review

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If you are experiencing problems with getting your breastfed baby to accept a bottle, or are looking for the best bottle to be used interchangeably with breastfeeding, then you should consider purchasing a Mimijumi or a Comotomo bottle. These baby bottles are designed with special nipples that mimic the shape, look and feel of a real breast and can help make this transition easier for the baby and yourself.

Even better, they are suitable for parents who want to breastfeed and bottle-feed their babies simultaneously, interchangeably.

If you are one of the parents facing the dilemma of whether Mimijumi vs. Comotomo bottles is a better option, you can read through this detailed overview of both popular brands and how the two compare.

A Head To Head Mimijumi vs. Comotomo Bottle Comparison

Mimijumi Bottles Overview

Mimijumi Bottles have been designed and made with the help of lactation experts and doctors, with the idea of giving parents the best option to transition back and forth from breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

They have AntiColic venting systems, which help decrease the painful gas and colic, and allows the babies to control the flow at their own rate without intaking as much air as with a regular baby bottle.

They are designed to mimic a birth mother’s breast as closely as possible, making the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding and back more effortless than ever.

With a Mimijumi Bottle, you can ensure that your little one gets all of the benefits of being breastfed, including flow control and tooth and gum development health.

The Austrian-made bottles come in different sizes and kits and are dishwasher safe, easy to clean and use with one hand only, and made of the highest quality, safe materials.

Key features:

  • The bottle is made of food and medical grade nylon from Switzerland
  • The bottles are more durable than regular silicone ones and are harder to break
  • The nipple is made of soft silicone with a shape and texture resembling a real breast
  • It reduces the risk of bottle refusal, bottle preference, or nipple confusion in babies
  • The AntiColic venting system allows the baby to suckle and feed at its own pace with minimum air intake, reducing the colic and gases
  • The nipple is leak-proof, so it won’t leak even if it is turned upside down
  • The materials used are BPA, BPS, Latex, Phthalates, EA, and Lead-free
  • Perfect for easy transitioning back and forth from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding
  • The nipple shape helps stimulate healthy dental and oral development, just like natural breastfeeding does
  • Available in two sizes – 4 ounces (Not so hungry) and 8 ounces (Very hungry) – or you can get Starter set with both
  • The bottle has the widest mouth on the market so that it can be cleaned easily without a brush
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • The bottom of the bottles are non-skid, which will keep them safely in place when placed on any surface and thus easy to fill using one hand only
  • The neck of the bottle is tilted or angled (unlike that of the Comotomo brand) for easier and proper latching of the baby during the feeding, as well as for upright feeding
  • It has useful and precise measurement markings that will not come off over time
  • The bottles are made in Austria, in compliance with all EU standards

Comotomo Bottles Overview

Comotomo baby bottles are made by the company located in Sunnyvale, California, by the same name. These bottles are designed with attention to detail and care for babies and parents, with the goal of the company being to create leak-proof, colic-proof, easy to clean baby bottles that mimic real breastfeeding as closely as possible.

The bottles by Comotomo are perfect for parents looking for easy transitioning from breastfeeding to the bottle and switching from one method to the other without the baby developing a preference for the bottle, rejecting the bottle, or having other problems feeding either way.

The Comotomo Baby bottles, like those offered by Mimijumi, have nipples that are designed and made to mimic the feel, shape, and texture of real breasts. They also have anti-colic dual vents to reduce the air intake during feeding and thus prevent painful colic.

The bottles and the nipples are manufactured of premium quality materials, and the bottle is designed with a wide neck, making it much easier to clean without the need for a brush.

Unlike the Mimijumi bottles, those offered by Comotomo have bottles made of soft and flexible silicone. This can help the baby grip and push them, as well as be comforted by the soft touch of the skin-like silicone. One problem that parents may find with this fact is that the silicone being heat resistant can make warming the bottle harder.

They come in two size options and have added bottle caps and outer rings to help prevent leakage.

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Key features:

  • The Comotomo bottles are less expensive than the Mimijumi bottles
  • The bottle itself is made of soft, skin-like, flexible, and durable silicone to mimic the breast of the mother
  • The nipples are designed to imitate the shape, form, and texture of the real nipple
  • They come in different flow levels – slow (babies 0-3 months), medium (babies 3-6 months), and fast (babies aged 6 months and more)
  • There is also a Y-shaped nipple for older infants who are being introduced to thicker foods
  • Designed to make the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding and back easier than ever
  • Proven to help prevent nipple confusion, bottle preference, or rejection in babies
  • Made of completely safe silicone, PPSU – medical and food-grade, PVC, BPA, and phthalates free
  • Thanks to the leak-proof system, the milk will be released only when the baby is sucking
  • The wide neck of the bottle allows for fast and easy cleaning without the need for a brush
  • There are two anti-colic vents to let the air out and prevent colic
  • The bottles are offered in two sizes – 5 and 8 ounces
  • There are textured measurement markings in ounces and in milliliters
  • The bottles are microwave, sterilizer, and dishwasher safe and can have boiling water poured into them safely as well.

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Mimijumi vs. Comotomo – Final verdict

Both brands offer some of the best baby bottles on the market for parents who want to easily switch from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding and vice versa.

They are designed to mimic the form, texture, and feel of real nipples and breasts and thus help prevent problems with the baby rejecting or preferring the bottle.

The Mimijumi bottles have non-skid bottoms, making them easier to fill and use with one hand only compared to the soft silicone Comotomo bottles.

Both bottle types have wide necks making it easy to clean them without the need for a brush or awkward moments. The Mimijumi bottles have fewer parts, and you can easily fit your hand inside for easy access and washing.
Comotomo bottles are made of silicone and thus can be sterilized, washed with boiling water, microwaved, and more.

Plus, they are soft and easy to grip by the babies.

Overall, each of these bottles has its pros and cons, but they are among the best you can buy on the market, so it is a matter of personal preference, budget, and your baby’s feeding habits to pick the better option for your needs.

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