how to warm comotomo bottles

3 Ways On How To Warm Up Comotomo Bottles

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Comotomo bottles are amazing! They have anti-colic vents that allow for proper ventilation and are made of soft silicone material that mimics the natural breast. Pure heaven for your little angel! They are also really great for parents as they have a wider opening and are really easy to clean without a bottle brush.

Still, most of us are used to using glass and plastic baby bottles. We have no problem warming them, especially when we have a bottle warmer at our disposal. However, since Comotomo bottles are made of heat-resistant silicone, they are a bit harder to warm up, so here’s how to warm Comotomo bottles!

Use a Bottle Warmer

Bottle warmers are of so much help to all parents (we just want to kiss the person who invented them!) Still, Comotomo bottles are way more different than long-slim bottles that can fit in all types of bottle warmers.

Bottle warmer comotomo have wide necks, which means they do not fit most bottle warmers. To warm the formula or the breast milk in such a bottle, you will have to make sure you have a bottle warmer with a wide opening.

Also, keep in mind that Comotomo bottle warmer requires more time to warm up. You may have to wait for five to ten minutes in order to heat the milk properly using a Comotomo bottles warmer. To avoid overheating, you could also heat the milk in a non-silicone bottle and then transfer it back.

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Use a Microwave

Another great news is that Comotomo bottles are microwave safe. These bottles are BPA-free, which means that while the silicone is being heated, no toxins are released into the formula or the milk. Still, we are not big fans of microwaves, and we do not really recommend choosing that method.

Firstly, a microwave may not heat your milk evenly, and this may scald your little angle if you are not careful. Moreover, if you accidentally overheat your milk, all its nutrients will be killed. Milk, and especially breastmilk, requires a lot of attention and needs to be heated very gently. Therefore, if you decide to use a microwave, do it for a short time and use medium temperature. Also, always stir the milk before giving it to your baby.

Hot Boiling

Plastic and glass bottles can be easily heated by placing them in hot water. However, the firmness of silicone bottles prevents heat from passing through, and this method may not be effective. Instead, you can boil your Comotomo bottle.

Comotomo bottles are heat resistant, which means they can withstand high temperatures, and boiling won’t be a problem for them. In fact, this is the best way to heat the milk in case you do not have a bottle warmer.

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FAQs About How to Warm Comotomo Bottles

Q1. Is a Comotomo bottle dishwasher safe?

Good hygiene is essential when you have a baby. Your feeding bottles must be cleaned regularly, and you must not allow them to get contaminated with germs. Sterilizing and cleaning the bottles is very important and must be done immediately after you buy them.

The good news is that most baby bottles, including Comotomo bottles, are dishwasher safe. The silicone rubber Comotomo bottles are made of has high elasticity. Therefore, it can withstand both low and high temperatures.

A good rule of thumb is to always place the Comotomo bottles in the top rack. That way, you can prevent them from coming into contact with the heating coils and, thus, keep them safe. Once out of the dishwasher, the Comotomo bottles should be air-dried and stored properly to prevent the growth of bacteria inside.

Also, don’t forget to sterilize the bottles. You can do that by boiling them for about five minutes. If you want, you could also use a bottle sterilizer. Do this as often as possible, and your baby will be happy and healthy!

Q2: Why is my Comotomo bottle yellow?

As we already said, bottles, and especially Comotomo bottles, need to be cleaned regularly. It is normal for plastic and silicone bottles to turn yellow or discolor over time. This happens after prolonged use and exposure of the bottle to fat found in the formulas and breast milk. Moreover, if you do not clean the bottles properly, the result will also be the same.

Keep in mind that frequent cleaning in the dishwasher may also be a reason for discoloring. The soup and food particles on the dishes are the main reason. Weekly sterilization is the best way to avoid discoloration and to keep your Comotomo bottles as good as new.

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Wrap Up

There isn’t anything more important than the health of your baby. Therefore, a Comotomo bottle is never a bad idea. The silicone it is made of imitates your breast skin, and the bottle itself allows for a proper airflow that prevents gas (one of the main causes for colic and spits-ups.)

Once you get yourself a Comotomo bottle, you need to make sure you know how to warm the milk or formula inside. We decided to help you and share with you the top 3 methods to do so! If you enjoyed this article, go check our other pieces on baby products as well!

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