how to warm comotomo bottles

How to warm comotomo bottles with formula or breastmilk

Comotomo bottles as we discussed in our previous article, are very unique. One thing that makes them unique is the silicone material they are made of. If you are used to plastic and glass baby bottles, you may find yourself wondering how to handle silicone bottles. A common question asked by parents is how to warm Comotomo bottles or how to clean them. In this article, we answer this question as well as point out the various ways of warming Comotomo bottles.

Why are Comotomo bottles difficult to warm or heat?

Before we dive into the different ways to warm these bottles, it is important we understand why parents have a hard time heating Comotomo bottles.

The reason why you may find it difficult to warm these bottles compared to plastic or glass bottles is that they are made of heat-resistant silicone.

What does this mean?

Heat resistant silicone is difficult to burn. Yes, your silicone baby bottle will not catch fire in case you accidentally drop it on fire. This is a good thing, right?

Of course, it is good to know that your Comotomo bottles (which are quite expensive by the way), are heat resistant.

The only problem now is that since they are heat resistant, they do not heat up as fast as you would want them to. This is why the question of how to warm Comotomo bottles is quite common.

How to warm Comotomo bottles

There several ways through which you can warm your baby’s breastmilk or formula in a Comotomo bottle. You can use a bottle warmer, microwave, or under running hot water or boiling water in a pot.

Method 1: Using a Bottle Warmer

Comotomo bottles are not your ordinary long-slim bottles that can fit in any bottle warmer.

They have a wide neck that makes it difficult to fit properly in most bottle warmers. So, when warming formula or breast milk in these bottles, ensure that you use a bottle warmer with a wide opening.

Also, as we have already noted above, these bottles are pure silicone. Therefore, they might take longer and require more heat to completely warm milk in a warmer compared to your normal plastic bottles.

If you are used to placing your Dr Brown bottles in a warmer and the milk is heated in about 2-3 minutes; it may not be the case with Comotomo bottles.

Although bottle warmers come with temperature instructions, you may have to ignore them and just set the highest temperature.  Then let the bottles sit in the warmer for about 5 to 10 minutes in order to heat the milk completely. However, not to overheat the milk, which may kill all the necessary nutrients.

If this sounds risky, another option is to put the milk or formula in a non-silicone bottle. Then transfer it back to the Comotomo bottles to feed the baby. That will be cumbersome, but it is a better alternative than overheating the milk.

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Method 2: Using a Microwave

Comotomo bottles are microwave safe according to the manufacturers. This means that you can warm them in a microwave or sterilize them. Since they are BPA free, no toxins will be released into the milk; hence, they are very safe.

However, there are a few reasons why it is not recommended to warm milk in a microwave.

One is that the milk forms hotspot because it does not heat evenly. This can scald the baby if you are not careful.

Another reason is that in case the milk overheats, nutrients will be killed.

Milk, especially breastmilk, should be heated gently and slowly since excessive heat can destroy the much-needed nutrients.

Therefore, if you must heat milk in the microwave, use medium temperature for a very short time and remember to stir before feeding the baby.

Method 3: In hot boiling or running in water 

Another question that most Comotomo users ask is can you boil Comotomo bottles? Absolutely Yes. Since the bottles are heat resistant, they can withstand very high temperatures when boiling.

In fact, placing the bottles in a bowl of water like we normally do with the plastic and glass bottles may not heat the milk at all. You need much hotter water for Comotomo bottles than the regular bottles.

Don’t be surprised if, after ten minutes of warming the formula or milk, it is not warm at all despite the high temperature. That’s silicone for you. Its firmness prevents heat from passing through easily in order to warm the contents inside it.

So what do think about warming Comotomo bottles?

Well, I’m sure you now have a clear understanding of why it is so hard to warm Comotomo bottles. Blame it all on the heat-resistant silicone material of the bottle.

You should however not miss out on the unique experience babies get from feeding on a bottle that reminds them of their mother’s breasts.

The silicone material is responsible for the soft, skin-like and squeezable qualities of the Comotomo bottles, which you can hardly find in other bottles.

Whether you decide to use a bottle warmer, microwave or running/boiling hot water, remember, silicone needs high temperature. So you need a high temperature in order to warm Comotomo bottles.

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