Wrap Your Baby With Love: How to Moby Wrap

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I remember the first time I saw a Moby Wrap. It was at my friend’s baby shower when she opened it up and all of her guests started cooing. The Moby wrap offers a hold that mimics the natural hold of the womb, allowing a hands-free way to keep even the most colicky baby calm. Wrap carriers can be very intimidating but with a little practice, a Moby or Solly wrap can become a mom or dad favorite.

These wraps offer the ultimate comfort, adaptability, and style. If you are planning on getting a wrap for your infant, then the Moby wrap will provide the perfect snuggle for your newborn.

How do you properly and safely wear a wrap-style baby carrier? What are the benefits of babywearing? and what are the differences between the Moby and Solly wraps since many parents are often confused between the varieties? We have scoured the internet for you and have put together a quick guide on Moby Wraps.

Is Moby wrap worth it?

A Moby wrap is not very stretchy, thus it will offer more support for a growing baby. the wrap itself is a bit heavier compared to other wraps. Some parents may term this as a burden, but you will get more mileage out of it. Additionally, it can carry a heavier baby up to 45 pounds, which is not possible with the other types of wraps.

Putting the baby in and out of the Moby wrap is much of a breeze. To add to that, it can be shared between people of different body types. So, your better half can use the same Moby wrap to carry the newborn when you two go shopping.

Babywearing a newborn

You may have seen people walking around town with a baby strapped to their chest or back. Babywearing is an old practice that’s best for bonding with the infant. It puts you in touch with the baby’s temperature, breathing, and movements-all of which are important to track early on.

Wearing a baby frees up your hands allowing you to tackle chores or grocery shop without a bulky car seat in the cart. Moreover, it also lets you soothe a fussy baby. When you are putting on a Moby wrap, always ensure it is very, snug to prevent the baby from moving around.

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What are the benefits of babywearing?

Benefits for Baby

Less Crying

According to this study wearing a baby for a minimum of 3 hours a day can reduce its crying by up to 54%.

Improves cognitive development

Carrying your baby is a great way to include them in everyday tasks. the close hold will allow baby to see and feel you speak which can help the baby get a head start in language development.

It’s good for baby’s health

Babywearing helps prevent flat-head syndrome, reduces reflux symptoms, which also lowers the risk of ear infections- a leading cause of deafness. Babywearing also improves digestion and keeps germs out of the reach. The gentle soothing movement while carrying can increase baby weight gain and bone density.

Benefits for Mom

Encourages Bonding

The physical contact of babywearing increases nurturing behaviors and secures attachment. Plus, it helps parents learn baby’s cues and elevates their confidence.

Helps to keep the blues away

Mothers who gave their newborns skin-to-skin contact for 5 hours daily in the first week, and 2 hours daily during the first month, reported significantly lower scores on a post-partum depression scale.

Improves breastfeeding

A 2012 study found that mothers who carried their babies in a baby carrier for at least an hour per day during the first month of baby’s life had significantly higher rates of mother-child breastfeeding relationships at three and five months.

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Lowers stress and blood pressure

Wearing your baby stimulates the release of oxytocin, which has stress-relieving benefits like lowering blood pressure.

A Safety Note about Baby Wraps

If worn incorrectly wraps can be dangerous and even deadly. There have been multiple deaths of infants due to suffocation while being carried, so there are a few things to keep in mind while using a Moby wrap.

  • Ensure the mouth and nose of the baby are visible.
  • Ensure you are fully aware of the baby’s breathing.
  • Ensure the baby is close enough to kiss his head.

Your baby should always be in a comfortable and safe position.

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The differences between a Solly wrap and a Moby wrap

These two have many of the same qualities when it comes to functionality. Some of the differences are:

The Solly is made with a much softer and stretchy fabric that is easy to manipulate. Moby on the other hand is made from a denser and not-easy to stretchy fabric that is very warm hence not very comfortable during the summer.

The Solly wrap holds a baby up to around 25 pounds while Moby wrap is capable of holding a baby weight up to 45 pounds.

The Moby can be tied in a hip hold, unlike the Solly. This is perfect for babies with superb head and upper body control (babies 4 months and beyond).

How do you clean a Moby wrap?

A Moby wrap is easy to clean. It is recommended to always pre-wash it before first use. It can be machine washed using cold water and air-dried or tumble-dry on low. It will shrink a little when drying in the dryer, but this should not raise concern as it will stretch out again when worn.

How much weight can a Moby wrap or Solly wrap hold?

A Moby wrap is capable of holding babies up to 45 pounds. A Solly wrap on the other hand can comfortably hold babies up to 25 pounds.

Step-by-step guide on how to tie a Moby wrap

  1. Find the logo and begin with it centered at your navel.
  2. Fold the wrap in half and put it across your waist. Ensure the stitched edges are on top.
  3. Cross the two ends behind your back and then bring one end up and over the shoulder.
  4. Bring the other end over the opposite shoulder.
  5. Tuck the ends of the wraps under the logo section and then cross them in the front.
  6. Bring the ends to your back and tie a knot or if the ends are still long you can double knot.
  7. When all is done, now it is time to put your baby in.
  8. Hold the baby on your chest with their head on top of your shoulder.
  9. Starting with your right side, put your hand under the wrap and put the wrap under the baby’s bottom with the leg out. Repeat this for the other side. You can decide to cover the baby’s legs or leave them out

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Final word

Using a Moby wrap is safe, comfortable, and secure. Besides, it helps grow a bond between you and the baby among other benefits. Though there are other wraps available, the Moby wrap is long-lasting and can be used with people of different body weights.

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