how many maternity pads do I need?

How many maternity pads do I need to buy for after birth?

How many maternity pads do I need for after birth?

To be honest, no one can give you the exact number because the number of pads in a package differs depending on the size, absorbency and brand.

But to answer your question, you need a whole lot of them; like 3 packs of 12 maternity pads or more.

There are several factors that you should consider in order to estimate the number of maternity pads that will be enough for you after delivery. Let’s look at some of these factors below.

Factors that determine how many maternity pads for after birth are enough

1. Day after delivery

The bleeding known as lochia starts immediately after birth. This bleeding is usually quite heavy the first few hours because it comes from the area where the placenta was attached.

How many maternity pads do I need

At this point, you need quite a number of pads that are very absorbent and give full coverage.

Some people prefer to use postpartum diapers as they absorb better and minimize leaks compared to pads. Disposable underwear also comes in handy at this point to hold the pads in place if you don’t want to do a lot of laundry.

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You may not need as many pads in the second week since bleeding will have minimized. However, your normal sanitary towels will not work because the bleeding is still heavy though not as heavy as the first week.

By the end of the first month, you might be having slight spotting; hence, you can start using sanitary towels.

2. Absorbency of the pads

The number of maternity pads in a pack depends on their absorbency. The super absorbent ones tend to be less in a pack compared to the less absorbent ones.

Since you usually have very heavy bleeding during the first days, you will need to get the super absorbent ones, which are less in a pack.

So the less they are in a pack, the more packs you will need to buy. For instance, for a pack with 12 pads, you may need about 3 packs the first couple of weeks.

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Common questions on how many maternity pads do I need to buy

Q. What kind of pads to use after delivery?

Maternity pads are the best to use after delivery compared to normal sanitary towels. This is because they give more coverage since they are longer.

Also, they are more absorbent than normal pads so they absorb more, which prevents messing on your clothes and frequent changes.

Maternity pads are also designed to be softer compared to normal pads in order to give you a soft and comfortable cushion especially if you have stitches.

Q. Can you use normal pads after giving birth?

Normal pads are only designed to absorb the normal period, which is nothing close to after birth bleeding.

So, normal sanitary towels may not be of much help during the first weeks after delivery. Once the bleeding reduces probably after the first month, you can switch to your normal pads.

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So to answer your question on how many maternity pads do I need to buy? I hope this article has helped you estimate the number of pads you need. Based on my experience, you will probably need about a week’s worth of maternity pads or diapers, which could be about 4 packs and about two weeks’ worth of absorbent sanitary towels.