Do Men Go to Baby Showers

Do Men Go to Baby Showers: Co-Ed Baby Shower Tips

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Nowadays, the number of men going to baby showers has increased drastically. Going to baby showers used to be an activity for ladies only, but this tendency in society has been seeing some change. Until now, only women used to organize and attend baby showers, and it would have been unlikely for men to take part in such un-manly activities such as games and gossip. Over the past years, though, things have been changing – now we can see in western societies that both men and women are more encouraged to attend such activities and learn more about babies and parenting. Do you know parents who attend or are planning to attend baby shower activities? If you have been involved in baby shower activities, please share your experiences in the comments!

Do men go to baby showers?

Men need to know that attending the baby shower is not just for women, and the activities are not limited to baby games and gossip amongst the ladies. There all sorts of exciting activities to participate in. As with any party, you can enjoy yourself by drinking some beer, eating good food, listening to nice music and even dancing. We can say for sure that men who like parties and social gatherings will definitely love it if they haven’t been to one yet. We do not recommend it to people who do not like parties, or are very introverted. On the other hand, a baby shower is not only about partying – there are so many things you can learn about babies that will be quite useful for parenting. Also, there are many exciting baby shower games and trivia that one can partake in, such as naming baby clothes correctly or guessing the flavor of unlabeled baby food jars. Such activities can be helpful and beneficial for future parents. People who have tried it say that they learned things they did not know before- maybe you can too. This can be a fun and wholesome way to learn more about parenting, before the baby arrives.

Why should fathers attend Co-Ed baby showers?

1.  To take the pressure off mom.

The original idea behind the tradition of having baby showers was to be a surprise. Future parents have no idea that they are attending a baby shower that is usually being organized by relatives and close friends who show up with drinks, food, and presents. Most of the parents nowadays are actively attending, planning, and organizing such events that keep the tradition alive. It is no more an activity only for moms – dads are getting more and more involved in all the aspects of organizing their own baby showers. Thus, women will have more free time to spend with their little ones.

2. To interact with the already experienced dads.

We highly recommend these baby shower parties for future dads. They will definitely learn how their life will change once they have a baby. If you are a future dad who reads this article, we recommend you to attend a baby shower party and learn from experienced parents. Some things you will learn may sound a bit frightening, even off-putting, such as the sleepless nights, colic, diaper changes, blow-outs, projectile vomiting, etc. But this is the main reason you attend baby shower activities – to learn how to deal with such frightening issues. Every useful information you will learn at the party will be based on experience so you can not fail in the near future when your baby comes out.

3. To have fun before things get serious.

Usually, parents, especially those with more than one child, do not have much free time for anything. Future parents must be mentally prepared for what is about to come – late nights and early mornings during the first four to six months. With the baby shower, dads-to-be usually celebrate their last days before fatherhood.

4. Co-ed Baby Shower etiquette when Dads are involved

If you want to encourage your partner or husband attend a baby shower, you will need to really make sure that they will enjoy the experience. It is entirely up to you to make them not regret taking time off their busy schedule and agree to attend. Here is what you need to take into consideration when it comes to planning a co-ed baby shower party.

5. Timing

Depending on the kind of activities you have planned for the baby shower, it usually takes no more than three hours. We all know how impatient men can be when they feel out of place. This is why it is very important to create a plan and keep track of the time; therefore, we recommend you to make sure all the guests arrive on time. No one wants people to start leaving just before the fun parts of the baby shower. This is when it gets really interesting – opening gifts, playing games, etc.

6. Have a male co-host

To make men feel more comfortable at the baby shower party, you can invite some of his close friends as a co-host. It will be even better if there is an experienced parent among them.

7. The theme of the baby shower

When planning a baby shower, always take the desires and interests of your guests into consideration. When it comes to choosing a theme for the party, it is good to pick something that will suit both genders. This will make everyone feel in place.

8. Food and drinks

Make some attractive invitation cards saying there will be drinks to drive men to attend the baby shower. They will be happy to find out there will be delicious food and drinks for everyone.

9. Invite other men

It is unlikely to have only one man at the event since nowadays; both genders attend co-ed baby showers. We do not want anyone to feel awkward and out of place. You can ask women to bring their partners to make everyone enjoy the party even more.

10. Avoid pregnancy, labor, or delivery stories.

You do not want men to feel awkward and leave too soon, so avoid labor and pregnancy stories. If you aim to have a fun party, avoid telling the more harrowing childbirth stories, as the men will likely have nothing to contribute and in the worst case be put-off by the imagery. Pick interesting topics anyone can relate to.

11. Choose the baby shower games carefully.

We do not recommend you to pick games that may possibly humiliate someone. Choose only fun games that will suit both genders.

Wrap Up

Nowadays, men tend to attend baby showers, especially if they are educational. The right mood of the event is entirely up to you. Always make sure there is lots of food and drinks for everyone and keep people engaged so that they do not find themselves bored and look for reasons to leave too sooner than intended.

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