do i need sheets for pack n play

Do I Need Sheets For Pack N Play Or Bassinet?

Do I need sheets for pack n play? This is a question that is commonly asked by parents using a pack n play for the first. If you plan on having your baby in a pack n play for a while especially during the first year, you may need to protect the mattress.

Majority of pack n play mattresses are not wipeable; thus, using a sheet can help to prevent diaper leaks, reflux, drool, and other mess that may be created by the baby.

Reasons why you need sheets for pack and play

  • Protect the mattress

Diaper blowouts, reflux, spit-up, and drool will probably make the mattress dirty and look super gross. Over time, the mattress might get stains that are very difficult to clean.

If the mattress is not wipeable or the cover is not removable, it is important to get a few sheets such as these Pickle & Pumpkin Organic pack n play sheets that come in a pack of 2.

The sheets will catch most of the spit-up and diaper leaks so you will not have to spend time scrubbing out the stains on the mattress.

However, you might want to put a waterproof pad underneath the sheet in order to protect the mattress from any leaks.

  • Ensure your baby’s comfort

In certain parenting forum, a mom noted that her baby used to wake up several times a night before she started using sheets.

She explained that the mattress pad that came with the pack n play was a bit hard for the baby to lie on directly. It also made some noises with every movement the baby made, which reduced after placing a sheet over the mattress.

Therefore, using the sheets minimizes the noise allowing the baby to sleep longer.

  • Soft and Warm

Sheets have a softer material than the mattress. So using them makes the pack n play a bit softer for the baby. In addition, babies feel warmer sleeping on a sheet than on a mattress pad. This makes them feel cozy and thereby sleep longer.

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  • Easier to clean 

Sheets are easier to clean and dry that a mattress. If the baby spits up, pees, poops, or vomits while in a pack n play, you simply remove the sheet and clean it.

However, if the mattress is not protected by a sheet or waterproof cover, you will be forced to take it out, and wash and rinse it thoroughly to remove stains and smell. Drying the mattress may be a big challenge as it may take several days to dry completely and avoid stinking.

Do you need sheets for pack n play bassinet?

Yes, you need sheets for pack n play bassinet for the reasons we have explained above. It is important to protect the mattress from staining especially if you plan on using the bassinet for other kids in the future. Sheets also make the bassinet warm and cozy, which make the baby more comfortable and encourage longer sleep.

You must, however, ensure that the sheet you use in a bassinet is fitted and holds snugly onto the mattress to avoid the risk of suffocation.

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So do I need sheets for a pack n play? Of course, you do. Pack n play mattresses are not washable like sheets. Therefore, spreading well-fitting sheets helps to protect the mattress from spit-up and diaper leaks. Also, sheets are soft and warm and thus, they make your baby feel comfortable and cozy, which promotes better sleep.