do i need sheets for pack n play

Do I Need Sheets for Pack N Play Or Bassinet?

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Many parents nowadays ask themselves if they need sheets for pack and play or bassinet. Babies sometimes spent hours in a pack n play, especially during their first year, and if you aim to protect the mattress, then you may need sheets. Most of the pack n play mattresses available on the market can not be wiped. This is why we highly recommend you use a sheet to prevent any possible mess created by your little one.

Reasons why you need sheets for pack and play

  • Protect the mattress

There are many ways your baby can make a mess that will make the mattress look dirty and trashy. Over an extended period, it can even get nasty stains that are difficult to handle.

As we said previously, most of the mattresses available on the market are not wipeable; some even come with covers that are not removable. In such cases, we recommend you to use a few sheets for pack n play. These sheets will prevent diaper leaks and any other mess created by the baby; therefore, you will not have to deal with stains on the mattress because there will be non. For extra safety, we also recommend you to use a waterproof path underneath the sheet to prevent leaks and therefore protect the mattress.

  • Ensure your baby’s comfort

Usually, babies tend to wake up several times a night, so it is a good idea to start using sheets. Some pack n play mattress pads are really hard for the baby to lie on directly, but you can make it softer after placing sheets.

Sheets will also help you reduce the noises made by the movements of your little one and will allow it to sleep longer.

  • Soft and Warm

Sheets are made of soft material that will make babies feel cozy and warmer, and thereby they will sleep longer without being disturbed. You can always rely on sheets to give your baby the comfort it deserves.

  • Easier to clean

Cleaning the sheets is effortless and much more comfortable compared with a mattress. There are many reasons to clean the sheets regularly – if the baby pees, poops, spits up, or even vomits in the pack n play; you will have to simply remove and clean it. In case the sheet or the waterproof cover does not protect the mattress efficiently, you will be forced to take it out and carefully rinse it in order to remove nasty stains and foul odor. The most challenging task would be drying the mattress because it may take several days to make it completely dry and avoid stinking.

 Do you need sheets for pack n play bassinet?

For the same reasons, you will need sheets the same also applies for pack n play bassinet. It is essential to keep the mattress fresh and clean with no stains. Sheets will prevent any dirt on the mattress ensuring it stays like new for the years to come. If you aim to encourage your little one to sleep longer, you can use sheets to make the bassinet warm and cozy. Make sure the sheets you use in the bassinet fit nicely onto the mattress. In order to avoid the risk of suffocation, check if the sheets stay snugly.

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Wrap Up

If you are still wondering whether you need sheets for a pack n play or not, we have an answer for you – Of course, you do. Unlike mattresses, sheets are washable, which is a huge advantage. Even more, sheets will prevent staining the mattress and will protect it from almost anything your little one has to offer to make a mess. They are perfect for baby skin since they are soft and give a warm feeling, which leads to better sleep – everything you need for your baby.

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