Does body armor drink for breastfeeding increase milk supply

Does Body Armor Drink Help Increase Milk Supply?

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Have you ever heard of or tried Body Armor drink? Yes, that delicious hydration drink that comes in various flavors! And did you know that many people claim it can actually boost milk production? A sports drink that can boost milk production….sounds strange, but why not?

Well, the truth is, there is no specific scientific data that proves this drink increases milk supply. However, it does a great job helping you stay hydrated, and this is essential when you are breastfeeding! Staying hydrated makes you feel rejuvenated and improves your milk production. So, we guess there is some truth to the claim, after all!

Body Armor Ingredients

The best thing about Body Armor is that it a drink made of 100% natural ingredients.  It contains 200% vitamins, such as B3 and B5, 10% coconut water, and electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. There are no artificial colors and preservatives!

The drink comes in various flavors such as mixed berry, banana, mango, orange, and others. Each bottle contains natural sweeteners and flavors only, so it is clearly a healthy decision that will help your body stay hydrated. Of course, you can do that with water, but Body Armor tastes so much better!

Coconut water helps promote lactation, also known as galactagogues, so the fact that it is one of the most notable ingredients in Body Amor is a significant advantage. Moreover, coconut water is a natural isotonic drink because it contains many electrolytes.

The various vitamins coconut water contains also make it the ideal choice for hydration. You will fill your body with magnesium and potassium, and the latter is known to play an essential role in maintaining a good fluid balance.

All of this means that the presence of coconut water in Body Armor turns it into a powerful lactogenic. Staying hydrated while breastfeeding, on the other hand, translates to a higher supply of milk. Many breastfeeding mums support this claim and swear by the effectiveness of this delicious sports drink!

FAQs About Armor Drink for Breastfeeding

Q1. Can Body Armor drink increase my milk supply?

Based on everything we have explained above, Body Armor can increase milk supply. Many nursing mammas have confirmed it; some of them even say that they had an extra 1-2oz every time they pumped. This is definitely thanks to the coconut water!

If you are still hesitating whether you should try it or not, the truth is you have nothing to lose. Our personal favorite flavor (and the favorite flavor of most moms we talked with) is the strawberry banana Body Armor. It is super delicious and very refreshing!

Q2. Is it safe to drink Body Armor while breastfeeding?

Since Body Armor does not contain any preservatives or artificial colors, it is 100% safe for breastfeeding mums. What’s more, it is caffeine and gluten-free and all the sweeteners used are natural.

Q3. Which Body Armor should I drink while I am breastfeeding?

There are two types of Body Armor: Body Armor and Body Armor Lyte. The former is sweet and delicious, but we personally love the latter even more as it has fewer calories. It is ideal for those mums who are trying to get in shape while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their babies.

Keep in mind, though, that the Lyte version contains only 10% coconut water, and we already explained how good for your well-being coconut water is. Still, if you want to drink a couple of bottles a day, the Lyte version may be the better option.

Q4. How many bottles of Body Armor can I drink per day?

Well, as with everything else in this life, too much is never good! Body Armor is still an energy drink, so you should not drink more than 2 bottles a day. If you are not as active as a sportsperson (we get it, it’s hard to look after a baby), one drink is more than enough to replenish the calories you lose while feeding your baby.

Q5. How long until the drink boosts my milk supply?

After you drink your Body Armor, it won’t take long before your experience an increased milk supply. If, for example, you drink it in the morning, you will most probably feel its effect throughout the day. You will also notice how satisfied your baby is and an increase in the number of wet diapers.

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Wrap Up

So here’s some interesting news- Body Armor is not only super delicious but also quite effective when it comes to hydrating and boosting milk supply. Staying hydrated while breastfeeding is essential, but if you are not used to drinking a good amount of water, getting into the habit of doing so might be a bit of a challenge.

Well, we have the solution! A healthy and tasty alternative to water- Body Armor. It is caffeine-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free, and all its ingredients are 100% natural. Moreover, if you want a drink with few calories, you can try the Body Armor Lyte version.

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