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Baby Stroller Sun Protection (2022 Reviews)

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Getting a good quality and efficient stroller sunshade is essential if you want to protect your baby’s delicate skin from the harmful UV rays in all seasons, especially during the summer.

You probably know that babies have the most delicate skin and can easily get a sunburn, skin irritations, eye irritations, and other problems if exposed to too much harmful and intense sunlight.

Some sunshades can also protect the baby from nasty insect bites and pollen and dust.

At the same time, a good quality sunshade should provide sufficient ventilation for the baby and protect it from overheating and allow it to breathe freely.

We have chosen the best stroller sunshades for 2022.

SnoozeShade Plus

This best stroller sunshade provides complete and safe UV and insect protection, and has been officially approved by the Melanoma International Foundation, and complies with all US safety standards.

The high-quality 360-degree stroller sunshade is made of a stretchy and breathable mesh, which keeps 99% of the UV rays away from the baby, protects it from insects, and at the same time allows for free air circulation inside the stroller.

This innovative SnoozeShade Plus sunshade for strollers will also help protect the baby from strong gusts of wind, pets, and even light rain.


  • Certified as compliant with US safety standards and approved by the Melanoma International Foundation
  • It fits most types of strollers with easy to attach snaps and stretchy straps
  • Made of flexible, breathable mesh
  • Protects the baby from 99% (UPF 40+) of the harmful UV rays, light rain, insects, wind, and pets
  • An innovative 360-degree design providing complete protection
  • The sunshade is toxin-free and machine washable
  • Suitable for babies that can sit in the stroller (6 months and more)
  • A zip-up panel which makes daytime napping more comfortable
  • A sneak-a-peek panel to check out the baby without letting too much sun in
  • The baby can still enjoy the view – it is just like wearing shades
  • A storage pocket on the front


  • It can be attached only to strollers that already has a hood, canopy, or umbrella

SnoozeShade UV Sun and Sleep Shade

This is an even more efficient, universal stroller sunshade by SnoozeShade. The sunshade will block up to 99% of the UV rays and creates a safe and soothing shade for the baby. The shade will protect your baby’s delicate skin and eyes from most of the harmful rays and help keep it more comfortable when napping in the stroller.

It can easily fit on most strollers with hoods and will help keep the baby safe from insects, pets, people, and wind.


  • It is made of completely safe and breathable mesh
  • Provides up to 99% protection from the UV rays (UPF 50+) with the Snooze panel on
  • It helps keep away insects, wind, light rain, pets, pollen, and people from the baby, as well
  • It helps the baby nap during the day as the zippered snooze panel acts as a blackout shade
  • It is machine washable and durable
  • Attaches to all strollers with hoods in a matter of minutes
  • It has a sneak-a-peek zippered opening to keep an eye on the little one safely


  • It cannot be used on strollers without a hood or canopy

Bayan Stroller Baby Car Seat Sunshade

This versatile stroller sunshade can also be used as a baby car seat sunshade cover and to protect the baby from harmful UV rays when it is playing in its playpen outdoors or is napping in its crib or bassinet.

It is one of the best budget-friendly picks on our list as well.

The Bayan Sunshade Cover will effectively block up to 95.76% of the UVA rays and up to 95.87% of the UVB rays.

It also helps keep the baby safe from dust, pollen, flying insects, and sun glare.


  • It is stretchy and very easy to attach to all types of strollers, baby car seats, and some cribs, playpens, bassinets via an elastic cord and straps
  • Provides protection from UVA and UVB rays (UPF 24+)
  • It helps keep the baby safe from insects, dust, pollen, and intense sunlight
  • Parents can still easily keep an eye on the baby through the mesh shade
  • It is breathable and safe to use
  • Very compact and easy to carry with you
  • It is offered at a very reasonable price


  • The UPF protection is lower than that offered by other stroller sunshades

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SnoozeShade Stroller SunShade and Blackout Blind

This stroller sunshade by SnoozeShade is another award-winning product by the company. It is versatile and can be used in four different ways to keep your little one protected from the strong sunlight. You can use it as an added canopy, adjust it to protect the baby from any angle, use it to keep the legs safe from sunburn or use it as a complete shade for full protection and nap time.

The sunshade offers a universal fit and UPF 50+ UV protection.


  • It fits most single strollers with a canopy, as well as bassinets
  • Offers reliable UPF 50+ protection, which will keep the baby away from 99% of the harmful UV rays
  • It can be used as a full cover, a leg cover, a partial cover from any angle, or a canopy
  • It is also an efficient blackout shade to help promote daytime naps
  • Made of safe and high-quality breathable material to prevent overheating and allow sufficient ventilation
  • It is stretchy and easy to attach to the stroller or bassinet
  • It is suitable for use from day one – even for newborns
  • An award-winning design that is made in compliance with all safety standards
  • Reasonably priced


  • No sneak-a-peek or front viewing panel like the other models by SnoozeShade

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Final words

Having a good quality and safe stroller sunshade is essential if you want to keep your baby safe from sunburn, dangerous UV rays, dust, pollen, insects, wind, and other elements.

Our top picks are all bestselling products, which have passed all safety tests and allow proper ventilation and breathability for the baby at all times.

They are also very easy to attach to the strollers and are pretty universal, so you can use them on most strollers and even on baby car seats, bassinets, and others.

Plus, most of them will help get the baby to take a nap while you are outdoors and yet will allow the little one to interact with the world and enjoy the view when it is not sleeping.

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