best seat protector for car seats on leather

Best Car Seat Protectors for Leather Seats (2021 Reviews)

Do you have soft and luxurious leather car seats and are worried that your baby’s car seat will scratch and destroy them? Fear not, because, with a suitable seat protector, you can keep the precious leather seats safe and in pristine condition no matter what.

With a good quality seat protector, you can also prevent the unsightly indentation and compression marks that some car seats for babies can leave.

Choosing a proper protector will prevent it from tearing, getting stuck to the leather, and doing more harm to your leather car seats.

Here are the best car seat protectors for car seats on leather for 2021.

Luso Gear Car Seat Protector

This bestselling car seat protector offers maximum protection for even the most delicate leather seats in any car or vehicle.

It is made of durable premium 600D oxford fabric with PVC, making it waterproof and easy to clean.

The car seat protector by Luso Gear is made of 9 different layers for the best protection for your car seats and more extended durability.

It can protect your car seats from baby car seat scratches and marks, pet nails and paws, and other damage.

The protector has easy to adjust straps and two convenient mesh storage pockets on the front.

Thanks to the anti-slip surface on the bottom, the seat will remain in place and will provide protection even if the infant or pet are fidgeting and playing around in the car.

It will protect your seats from spills of foods, drinks, and bodily fluids and is easy to clean and maintain in a pristine condition.


  • Made of top-quality, durable materials and 9 protective padded layers
  • Designed specifically for seat protection for child car seats
  • Provides the best protection from leaks, spills, scuffs, and scratches
  • It fits the seat via straps and will stay in place no matter what
  • It is waterproof and effortless to clean
  • You can buy it in several different color options, as well as in a variant for seating comfort
  • It is sold at a reasonable price and backed by a 1-year guarantee


  • Some customers have noticed problems with the stitches coming undone at the leg rest, but the company has been quick to provide timely customer support or a replacement

Lyork Child Car Seat Protector

This car seat protector for child car seats is another bestselling product which parents are raving about in 2021.

The car seat protector can easily fit in most cars and vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, trucks, and others.

The large car seat protector is made of resilient 600D fabric reinforced by PVC leather providing protection against spills and leaks and added padding for a comfortable ride.

The Lyork Child Car Seat Protector is easy to attach to the leather or other seat via the adjustable straps. It will stay in place and has large mesh pockets on the front where you can store toys, snacks, wipes, bottles, or whatever you need for your ride with the child.

It is easy to clean and will endure years of use if properly maintained.


  • It is wide and big enough to fit on almost all average car seat types and sizes
  • Suitable for sedans, SUVs, and trucks
  • Provides protection from baby car seats, pets, and others
  • Made of durable and waterproof 600D fabric and PVC leather
  • Easy to clean and prevents spillage
  • It will prolong the longevity of your leather or other upholstery
  • It fits on the seat easily and stays in place via the straps and buckles
  • It comes with two bonus large pockets for storage
  • Sold in different color options


  • Some people find them lacking as much padding as other seat protectors

Fortem Car Seat Protector

This premium quality car seat protector is an affordable way to ensure that your beautiful car seat upholstery remains in perfect condition even if you use a baby car seat, have pets, or have messy children.

It is made of waterproof 600D oxford fabric, which will prevent spills and stains. It is also easy to keep clean by wiping the protector with a wet cloth.

It, too, has two added mesh pockets on the front where you can keep the baby bottles, wipes, diapers, toys, or whatever you need.

The protector comes with adjustable straps for the headrest and has an anti-slip rubber bottom, which will keep it in place.


  • The protector is easy to attach and will stay in place thanks to the non-slip grippy rubber base
  • There are two added storage pockets on the bottom
  • It is made of premium oxford fabric, which is 100% waterproof and easy to wipe and clean
  • It helps protect all kinds of car seats from baby car seat marks, scratches, pet damage, spillage, and other accidents
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • It is among the most affordable leather seat protectors on the market


  • It may not be suitable for smaller sized cars and seats, as it is quite big

Helteko Car Seat Protector with Rear Seat Organizer

This versatile and well-made baby car seat protector provides the best overall protection for your car seats, as it will not only protect the seat under the baby chair but also the back of your front seat from dirty shoes and messes.

The padded car seat protector comes with a unique added protector and organizer for the back of your seat too.

This will help keep the leather on the back of your seat clean and safe and also will allow your child to reach to its toys, snacks, or other items neatly stored in the pockets in front.

The front seat organizer even has a clear pocket where you can hold a tablet to keep your little one entertained while you are traveling.

The seat protector is made of 600D oxford and is padded and waterproof.

It can withstand scratches, spills, and other messes and will keep your car seat upholstery in excellent condition for years.


  • It includes a back seat organizer and protector as well as a car seat protector
  • It can fit in all types of vehicle
  • It has long adjustable straps and a non-slip base to keep it in place
  • The seat protector will protect both the seat under the baby chair and the back of the seat in front of your baby
  • It has a tablet pocket and multiple other storage pockets within easy reach
  • It is thick and waterproof, made of 600D oxford
  • It is inexpensive and is backed by a lifetime warranty


  • The child car seat needs to be latched snuggly to keep the seat cover in place