Best Depends for Postpartum Bleeding that Prevent Leaking

Best Depends for Postpartum bleeding

From experience, pads don’t cut it the first couple of days after delivery. If you have heavy bleeding, they are likely to leak and create a lot of mess since they do not stay in place. So, if you are worried about leaks, you should get the best Depends for postpartum bleeding. Depends unlike pads, are more absorbent and cover a larger surface area from the front to the back. Also, they do not shift like normal pads even when lying down; hence, they feel more secure.

There are different types of Depends for postpartum, which we shall review in this article. The type to choose from depends on the absorbency you want.

Depend Fit-Flex, for instance, have the fastest absorbency since they are made from a material that absorbs very fast leaving you dry and comfortable.

Night Defense Depends are designed to be worn overnight to provide you with maximum protection when lying down. Their absorbency is a little extra and they have a perfect fit to prevent leaks while you sleep.

Silhouette Active Fit Depends have a moderate absorbency and are perfect for moms who have an active lifestyle.

Silhouette Incontinence briefs, on the other hand, have a high absorbency and a feminine design. Hence, they can be worn like regular underwear.

Best Depends for postpartum bleeding comparison table

Depends Fit-Flex• Maximum absorbency
• Leaves you dry
• Flexible
• Perfect fitting
• Pad-like lining
• Discreet under clothing
Silhouette incontinence brief• Maximum absorbency
• Perfect fit
• Discreet under clothing
• SureFit waistband
Depend Night Defense• Soft & Flexible
• Unscented
• More padding
• Fast absorbing
• Leaves you dry
• SureFit waistband
• Overnight absorbency
Silhouette Active fit • Moderate absorbency
• Discreet fit
• Breathable
• Cotton-like material
• Stretches a bit

Review of the best Depends for postpartum

1. Depends Fit-Flex Incontinence underwear

This postpartum underwear is made of a material that absorbs very fast so that you remain dry throughout the day. In addition, they have super high absorbency, which enables them to absorb the heavy post-delivery bleeding.

It is very flexible due to the form-fitting elastic strands that give it a smooth look and discreet under clothing.

The elastic strands also make fit-flex underwear flexible and lightweight compared to other adult diapers.

They are much better than maxi maternity pads because they do not move around and fit perfectly, which prevents leaks.  For really heavy flow especially the first few hours after delivery, you can add maternity pads on the fit-flex underwear for maximum protection.

If you are wondering how many of this will you need, get about 2 or 3 packs for the first six weeks. The good thing is that they have a pad-like lining so you can use them even when the bleeding lessens.


  • Very soft fabric
  • Flexible
  • Do not show under clothing
  • Absorbs very fast
  • Maximum absorbency
  • Do not leak
  • Perfect fitting
  • Shipped in discreet packaging
  • Available in different sizes and designs


  • None since users found Fit-Flex to be the best for postpartum bleeding

2. Silhouette incontinence briefs

These incontinence briefs are great for postpartum care and hygiene. They have better absorbency and feel more comfortable compared to mesh panties given at the hospital.

In addition, they are designed to feel more like normal underwear so that you can wear them and feel comfortable as you continue with your daily activities. For this reason, they are made of premium cotton-like material that is breathable and soft.

They have a stretchy waistband to ensure perfect fit and leg elastics to prevent leaks.  Also, they offer a feminine, sleek and smooth feel such that they do not show through clothing.

Most importantly, Silhouette incontinence briefs are fragrance-free, latex-free and lotion-free.


  • Perfect fit
  • Available in an exclusive range of colors (purple, beige and black)
  • Elastic waistband
  • Maximum absorbency
  • Very comfortable
  • Available in different sizes


  • They leave you feeling a bit wet; hence, must be changed frequently

3. Depend Night Defense undewear

This Depends are specifically designed for night time use. They have overnight absorbency with about 10% more surface area and padding than the maximum absorbency so as to absorb more as you lie down.

This overnight absorbency gives you up to 12 hours of protection; hence, you can sleep through the night.

In addition, they are made from a material that quickly absorbs and locks in odor and wetness leaving the surface dry. They are also unscented and breathable to prevent sweating.

Night Defense Depends are extremely soft yet firm due to the form-fitting elastic strands. The strands give it a smooth finish, which makes the discreet under the pajamas.


  • Very soft and flexible
  • Overnight absorbency
  • Have more padding
  • 12 hours of protection
  • Ships in discreet packaging
  • Unscented
  • Breathable


  • Users absolutely love this for overnight use. No complaints.

4. Silhouette Active Fit

The Depend Silhouette active fit can be worn as you do your daily chores. They have a thin design so that they can be worn under clothing and remain discreet. They actually feel like normal panties and absorb moderately.

The smooth and sleek fit allows you to wear them even under yoga pants since they cannot be seen through.

They have a cotton-like fabric that is not only breathable but also stretches a bit so that it can fit you snuggly. The elastic around the legs helps to protect you against leaks.


  • Discreet fit and less bulky
  • Breathable cotton-like material
  • Stretches a bit
  • Moderate absorbency
  • Free of latex, lotion and fragrance
  • Available in different colors
  • Discreet packaging


  • Available only in small and medium sizes


If you prefer diapers for after birth bleeding over pads, Depends make a perfect choice. The good thing about the best Depends for postpartum bleeding is that they feel more like normal panties and not diapers. In addition, they give you much coverage and absorb more than normal pads, hence you feel well protected. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose the type of Depends you want. If you an active mom, the silhouette active fit will come in handy while the night defense are great for night use.

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