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The Most Affordable Breast Pump Bags of 2022

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Every mom knows the importance of breastfeeding her baby. In fact, breast milk is also referred to as the “liquid gold” because of its health benefits. However, your career will not wait for your baby to get past the breastfeeding age. But this doesn’t mean you have to stop breastfeeding when you return to work. 

With a breast pump bag, you can store your breast pump and its accessories so that you can pump any time anywhere and store your breast milk discreetly. Not all moms are the same, and as such breast pump bags are not equal. There are thousands of bags on the market, so it can be tricky and time-consuming to pick the best one for your lifestyle.

That said, read on for a guide that will help you determine how to choose the best breast pump bag, what to consider before purchasing a breast pump bag, and a recommendation of the best breast pump bags to meet your needs.

How to choose the best breast pump bag:

1. Type of Breast Pump Bag

Breast Pump Bags generally come in three types; a tote bag, a shoulder bag, and a backpack. A tote bag is a bag with hand straps, while a backpack features back straps that allow you to carry it using your back. A shoulder bag, on the other hand, features a shoulder strap so that you can hang it on your shoulder or strap it across the body.

To determine the best choice for you, consider the amount of weight to carry in the bag and your preferred carrying style. A tote bag is an excellent choice for a professional look, while a shoulder bag and backpack are better choices for a casual look. However, you can get a bag that combines the three methods of carrying for versatility and flexibility.

2. Size of your Breast Pump

How big or small is your breast pump? Some breast pumps are small in size, while others including Spectra S1/S2 and hospital-grade pumps are big.

On that note, some models might not have an issue fitting into any breast pump bag, but the big models might not work with all bags. Thus, consider the size of your breast pump and get a spacious bag to accommodate it.

Additionally, consider other supplies that you will want to carry alongside your breast pump and get a bag that will accommodate everything at a go.

3. Construction quality

Nobody wants to buy a low-quality breast pump bag. So, how strong are the bag’s materials? And, will these materials withstand frequent use?

If you are going to use a breast pump, it will be important to buy a bag that is durable enough to stand up to repeatable use. No mom wants a bag that will fail within the first couple of months.

On that note, look at the quality of the zippers and get a bag with zippers that open and close smoothly for easy access to the stored supplies. Also, the bag’s fabric must be resistant to wear and tear for the best value for money.

4. Weight

Besides the size, how much weight does the breast pump bag have? Note that breast pumps can be heavy, and you will need a bag with a manageable amount of weight to ensure that it will not weigh you down.

Thus, get a lightweight breast pump bag. While doing so, ensure that you are not sacrificing its quality for the weight.

5. Insulation and compartments

For the organization of various items, you will need a breast pump bag with different compartments. Therefore, determine the number of pockets that will work out for you and get a bag with the number of pockets you desire.

Besides that, consider the size of the compartments and ensure that they are big enough to accommodate your commodities. A breast pump bag that integrates an insulated pocket in the form of a separate cooler or a compartment with an ice pack is also worth purchasing. That way, you can be sure to keep your milk cold while commuting.

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Best Breast Pump Bag Reviews

Mommore Breast Pump Bag

Responding to the need for a stylish and practical bag suitable for carrying your breast pump is Mommore Breast Pump Bag. This bag can carry everything that is required when pumping, whether you are going to work or traveling. Besides that, the breast pump bag can act like a laptop tote, work bag, or diaper bag.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Lots of compartments

Top of its outstanding features is the variety of organization pockets. The Mommore Breast Pump Bag has a total of 12 pockets with a 26-liter capacity. These pockets comprise three insulated pockets, a breast pump pocket, 15” laptop sleeve, mommy pocket, among others. The insulated pockets are suitable for milk bottles and breast shields.

A separate side pocket is included for the breast pump and its accessories. You can use the main compartment to organize books, wipes, purses, keys, and more. On the other hand, the laptop sleeve is padded for the safe storage of a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro up to 15”.

  • Durable and stylish

Besides the variety of organization pockets, this bag responds to the need for a durable and stylish Breast Pump Bag. It is available in a variety of color options to let you pick one that fits your style. Additionally, the bag is made of water-resistant and tear-resistant nylon fabric for optimal protection of the stored items without sacrificing style.

  • Comfortable carrying straps

Finally, this bag is easy and comfortable to take along. It integrates dual hand straps for easy carrying like a tote bag.

Additionally, there is a removable shoulder strap. This strap allows you to carry the bag as a shoulder bag or cross it across the body for optimal versatility. And, to ensure that you are comfortable when using the shoulder strap, this strap is padded and adjustable from 28” to 54” for optimal flexibility.


  • The bag is spacious and designed to double as a diaper bag.
  • Its waterproof material is easy to clean.
  • An adjustable back strap allows you to fix the tote bag to a rolling briefcase.
  • The side-opening design provides easy access to the breast pump.
  • The bag includes a staging mat suitable for laying out the breast pump and its accessories while pumping.


  • This bag cannot function as a backpack.
  • No isolated cooler to store pumped milk.

Momigo Breast Pump Backpack

Does your definition of the best breast pump bag relate to a multi-functional and stylish pack? If that is the case, you should purchase the Momigo Breast Pump Backpack.

This bag can act like an elegant breast pump bag suitable for most occasions including traveling, shopping, working, and others. Besides that, the bag features a versatile design so that you can use it as a lunch bag or travel bag.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Multiple ways of carrying

First, the Momigo Breast Pump Pack offers you two carrying options. It is lightweight and fitted with carrying straps and shoulder straps. Because of this, you can take it as a tote bag or carry it as a backpack. While conveying it as a backpack, you can be sure of comfort even after carrying it for hours, thanks to the thickening mat on the back and padded shoulder straps.

  • Several pockets

Additionally, this bag integrates multiple organization pockets. To be specific, it has a top compartment, bottom compartment, and an antitheft pocket. The top chamber is spacious is suitable for storing a variety of dry objects, including most-size electric breast pumps.

On the other hand, the bottom compartment is ideal for up to six, breast milk storage bottles with an ice pack. Finally, the anti-theft pocket features a zipper that allows you to ensure the safe storage of small items.

  • USB charging port and earphone port

Another worth-mentioning benefit is the integrated USB charging port. This feature is helpful for on-the-go moms so that they can charge their phones wherever they go. Better still, the bag has an earphone port. This external port allows you to connect your earphones and listen to music without opening the bag.


  • An insulation layer in the bottom compartment can maintain fresh food or breast milk for up to 15 hours.
  • The cooler is located in the bottom compartment for the bag’s stability.
  • The breast pump bag features a stylish design.
  • It is easy to hand wash or spot clean as required.
  • Thick and durable backpack straps ensure comfort to the user.


  • The bag is quite compact, so it doesn’t fit a lot of supplies when using a large breast pump.
  • Its material is not breathable.

Luxja Breast Pump Bag

If you are looking for a stylish but reasonably priced breast pump bag, the Luxja Breast Pump Bag is an excellent option. This bag is available in a variety of colors to let you pick one that matches your style. Besides that, it integrates multiple ways to carry it and multiple compartments for the organization of different baby items.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Heavy-duty construction

If you need a durable breast pump bag, you will have made the best choice after purchasing the Luxja Breast Pump Bag. This bag features a heavy-duty construction comprising water-resistant. As a result, it can shield the stored accessories from getting damaged by rainwater.

  • Two carrying options

What’s more, the Luxja Breast Pump Bag is easy to carry. It offers two carrying options: including the use of grab handles or shoulder straps. As a result, you can carry it as a tote bag using the sturdy grab handles or as a backpack using two detachable shoulder straps.

  • Lots of compartments

Finally, the breast pump bag integrates a variety of pockets. In particular, it includes two main storage compartments, a padded back pocket, a front zipper pocket, an inner pocket, and two side zipper pockets. The upper compartment is suitable for storing a cooler bag and snacks. The bottom section is ideal for a breast pump and its accessories.

The padded back pocket can accommodate phones, and a wallet, while the front zipper pocket and two side mesh pockets are suitable for organizing small accessories.


  • The shoulder straps are detachable
  • Waterproof lining in the upper and bottom compartments for easy cleaning.
  • Heavy-duty and water-resistant exterior.
  • The top compartment can accommodate multiple bottles and ice packs.


  • The breast pump bag doesn’t double as a diaper bag.
  • Since the milk bottles are contained in the top compartment, the bag can tip and fall if you are not careful.

V-Cool Breast Pump Backpack

Introducing the V-Cool Breast Pump Backpack is an ideal option when you need a breast backpack that is easy to maintain.

It features a 100% leak-proof design for the containment of spills if they happen.  Additionally, the bottom features a high-legged design to help protect the bag from sitting directly on a counter, desk, or floor. The double zipper design is another plus that allows you to access the stored items easily.

Highlighted features and benefits

  • Aluminum film material

The V-Cool Breast Pump Bag features a high-quality waterproof fabric. This fabric plus the lower aluminum film material prevents reverse water leakage for easy containment of the messes. Adding to that, the aluminum film material protects against radiation while aiding in heat insulation to protect the stored milk from losing its temperature.

  • Double-layer design

What’s more, this bag highlights a double-layer design. It has an upper layer that stores breast pumps, Spectra S1/S2, diapers, and clothes. Also, there is a bottom layer. This layer can accommodate a lunch box, baby bottles, and blue ice with an assurance of maintaining their freshness.

  • Multiple pockets

Lastly, the bag integrates multiple organization pockets. In particular, a back pocket also referred to as a safety pocket can accommodate a cellphone, debit cards, and other personal items. On the other hand, a front pocket is suitable for storing small items, while a side pocket is suitable for keys, water cups, and other essentials.


  • The beautiful and stylish flower pattern design.
  • Smooth-opening zippers for easy access to the stored items.
  • Comfortable to carry using the soft and padded straps.
  • The waterproof exterior is easy to clean.


  • The dry storage is quite small.
  • The bottom doesn’t integrate sufficient insulation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Must I buy a breast pump bag?

This depends on whether you pump on the go or not. If you pump on the go, I would recommend that you get one of these to allow you to carry your breast pump, its accessories, and the pumped milk.

2. Is it easier to pump into bags or bottles?

Pumping into the bag is more convenient than pumping into the bottle. Pumping into the storage bag can eliminate the need to wash the bottles and make it easier to transport your milk.

3. What should I look for in a breast pump bag?

Your ideal breast pump bag should have an adequate number of pockets to accommodate everything you want to carry. Also, it should have insulated pockets or separate pockets for expressed milk. To ensure your comfort while carrying it, opt for a bag with padded straps, and the straps should let you carry it along the way you prefer.

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I believe that this guide has given you the insight to help you know how to choose the best breast pump bag that is right for you. However, if you are in a hurry and looking for a durable breast pump bag that is easy to organize, comfortable to carry, easy to clean, and stylish, I would recommend the Mommore Breast Pump Bag Diaper Tote Bag.

This bag integrates a variety of pockets, including a breast pump pocket, insulated pockets, a mommy pocket, and a laptop sleeve. As such, you can use it to carry baby stuff, your supplies, and your laptop, which makes it an excellent choice for taking to the office or traveling. Better still, the bag has a padded shoulder strap and dual hand straps for comfortable carrying.

Designed for those who need a durable and easy-to-clean breast pump bag, the Diaper Tote Bag is made of water-resistant and tear-resistant nylon fabric so that you can wipe it easily to remove the stains. Finally, the bag comes in a variety of color options to give you a chance of selecting one that will suit your style.

Now that you have chosen a breast pump bag, check out our review of what types of baby bottles you should use!

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Which breast pump bag has worked for you?

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