Best Blackout Curtains for Nursery

Best Blackout Curtains for Nursery [2022 Reviews]

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Can’t a mom get to sleep in once in a while? I’m not sure about you, but my baby is always getting up at the crack of dawn, right after the sunlight reaches her room, and needs to be put back down.

Does this sound like you? Maybe it’s time to look at using a set of blackout curtains.

What are nursery blackout curtains? Put simply, they’re curtain panels made specifically for bedrooms or nurseries where you want the room darker in the morning hours. They help block light coming in through windows by using heavier liners or blackouts that stop the majority of the sunlight.

They can help your baby to sleep well through the night, but also during the day. Some of these curtains can help better insulate the room than regular thin curtains and will slow heat or cold from entering the nursery. They can also block drafts, which can make your baby uncomfortable.

With this in mind, let’s look at our reviews of the best blackout curtains for nurseries in 2022.

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NICETOWN Gray Stars Kids Curtains

According to the reviews of happy parents and clients, these nursery blackout curtains by Nicetown are among the best options on our list.

The affordable curtains are made of light and durable polyester and come in a wide variety of sizes, suitable to fit almost any type of window. And, you can buy the set of two panels in one of the many different color options to suit any décor.

A unique feature of these curtains is the fact that there are cutout stars on them, which allow for some light to enter the nursery. They are perfect for babies and children who are afraid to sleep in complete darkness. Plus, they bring a unique look and twinkling effect to the room when the stars light up from the sunlight or from the street lights.

They have rustproof 1.6-inch silver grommets for easy hanging, and the blackout effect can reach up to 99% if you pick one of the darker colors.

The only downside is that they do let some light in through the star cutouts, which can be a problem for parents who want to achieve complete darkness in the nursery.

MANGATA CASA Kids Star Blackout Curtains

Made of triple weave, toxin-free polyester, these curtains are safe for use in nurseries and in kid’s rooms and will block from 85 to 95 of all of the sunlight from outdoors, depending on the color you choose.

They, too, have pretty star and moon cutouts, which will bring some twinkling light inside the nursery, and which looks beautiful when the curtains are drawn.

These Mangata Casa blackout curtains will protect your baby or child from the harmful UV rays, from disturbing sun glare, and from the outside noise from traffic, neighbors, or others.

The set includes two panels of different sizes, which are easy to hang via the 1.6-inch stainless steel grommets. They are also easy to maintain, as they are machine washable.

You can buy these blackout curtains for the nursery in a variety of different colors and size options.

AmazonBasics Portable Baby Travel Blackout Blind Shades

If you travel a lot, or your baby visits your parents a lot, and you want it to have a nice dark and quiet room to nap and sleep, then these portable blackout curtains for kids are among the best options you can find.

They will block out the sunlight and the UV rays and will minimize the noise from the street.

Their nifty design allows for easy portability and installation in a hotel or in any house, thanks to the strong suction cups and Velcro straps.

You won’t even need a curtain rod to use these excellent blackout curtains for nurseries.

They come in several colors and pattern options and are 78 x 51.2 inches in size but can be adjusted easily to just about any window size.

Mizone Blackout Curtains for Kids and Nurseries

With these blackout curtains by Mizone, you will not only ensure that the nursery is completely dark and as quiet as possible but thanks to the added 3 pass foamback lining, the nursery will not be affected by any extreme cold or heat from outdoors too.

The curtains promote energy efficiency which will help you maintain the nursery’s temperature easily, without fear that your baby will overheat or will be cold.

The curtains are made of polyester and come in two different sizes and different fun kid-themed designs, colors, and patterns.

They have stainless steel grommets but keep in mind that they are sold as single panels, so you may need to buy two if you want two curtain panels for your nursery windows.

BGment Moon and Stars curtains for kids

These are another set of excellent quality blackout curtains for any nursery or kid’s room.

They come with small and cute smiling star and moon cutouts to let tiny amounts of twinkling light in the room while blocking most of the bright sunlight and harmful UV rays from disturbing the sleeping baby.

They come in packs of 2 panels and are offered in a variety of sizes and color options.

They also will help you reduce the energy bills by keeping the room at a constant temperature, no matter what the weather is like outside.

The 1.6-inch rods are corrosion resistant and make the curtains’ installation as easy as possible on nearly any type of curtain rod.

They can be machine washed and tumble dried.

AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains are suitable for any room in the house, including the nursery. They are made of polyester and have no cutouts, so they will help make the room pitch dark when you want you or your baby to sleep.

They are made of an innovative textile that helps block the sunlight and UV rays without the need for heavy lining. Thus they are lighter and drape better than other blackout curtains.

They come with durable grommets or with rod pockets, and each of the two panels has Velcro ties to tie up the curtains when you want to let the sunshine in.

They, too, will help maintain the temperature in the nursery, and you can purchase them in a wide variety of colors and pattern options.

BGment Kids Blackout Curtains

Because they are made of triple weaved fabric, these premium quality blackout curtains are softer, smoother, and lighter than most other blackout curtains with heavy liners.

They have bright and colorful printed designs that will enhance the look of the nursery and will help keep the baby entertained.

When it is time to nap, all you need to do is draw the curtains, and they will ensure that the nursery is dark and quiet.

These curtains can block up to 75% of the sunlight and UV rays and will also help regulate the temperature and minimize the noise entering the nursery.

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Final words

There are some excellent, reasonably priced blackout curtains suitable for babies and for children. With curtains like this, you can be sure that your little one won’t be disturbed by the sunlight, the noise, or the change of the weather outdoors while it is sleeping.

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Have you tried a blackout curtain before with your baby?

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