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[CRINKLE] Best Baby Touch-and-Feel Books

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Out of all the senses, touch is one that really helps babies and toddlers to learn about the world around them. As parents, you want your child to be able to explore this sense but in a way that is safe. This is one reason why touch and feel books are so popular.

How To Choose Touch And Feel Books

How to choose the best touch and feel books may change as your baby gets older. When they are babies, you will want to choose a book that has as many different textures as possible. The topic of the book does not really matter, because it will just be the different materials that they are interested in.

However, as they get older it can make more sense to choose a book based on the topic. If the book features things that a toddler is interested in, then they are more likely to keep reading and using the book. Books with bright colors and interesting pictures on the cover are also likely to be more attractive to toddlers.

There are some touch and feel books that can also clip to a car seat or stroller.

Best Touch And Feels Book Reviews

There are many different touch and feel books that are available on the market today, and it can be hard to know which ones will be best for your child. The following reviews may help you when you are making your choice.

Disney Frozen 2: Touch and Feel Forest

This is a great book for any child that is a fan of the Frozen movies. You do not even to worry if you have not seen the film yet, as there are no spoilers! The book is fairly short but it can keep young children entertained for a long time. There is a focus on the different elements such as earth, wind, and water which ties in nicely with the film.


  • It is a book that can be enjoyed by both babies and toddlers alike.
  • It features all the best-loved characters from the Frozen films including Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.


  • It does not have such a wide range of textures as some other books.

Baby Touch And Feel I Love You

This book features pictures of a range of cute animals that babies and toddlers will love looking at. When they get older, it contains many of the first words that children often say and so they can repeat what their parents say when reading this book.


  • The book is very sturdy and can withstand a lot of handling by children.
  • The last page features a mirror that babies will love to see themselves in.


  • The feel areas of the pages are quite small compared to similar books.

See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book

This is an ideal book for babies to use when they become old enough to explore books on their own. The colors and pictures are bright which can hold a baby’s attention. The book is written by Roger Priddy, who is a well respected children’s author who has written several other similar books.


  • Babies and toddlers love to look at the bright photos of other babies that are in the book.
  • The book has trails to follow with your finger that can help develop motor skills as babies get older.


  • Although there are areas to touch on every page, there is not a lot of difference between the textures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Touch And Feel Books For Babies?

As well as helping them develop their sense of touch, sensory books also have a number of other benefits for babies and toddlers. Some of them also double as pop-up books and pulling on the tabs help develop fine motor skills.

When children are given books to look at and play with at a young age, it can help foster a love of reading when they are older.

When Can Touch And Feel Books Be Used?

There are many different situations where children’s texture books can be used.

They can be part of the selection of toys that you lay out for your children to play with at home. They can also be taken with you to keep your child occupied when you are out and about with them. There are even books that attach to car seats and strollers.

Do Babies And Toddlers Actually Enjoy Touch And Feel Books?

The short answer to this is yes! Babies will love the different textures that they can explore in the books, and as they get older the bright colours and simple stories will continue to have a lot of appeal.

If you buy a sturdy book, then there is no reason why this can’t be enjoyed by your children for many years to come.

Are Touch And Feel Books Good Value For Money?

The good thing about sensory books is that they are designed to be touched and played with. This means they are often sturdier than other types of children’s books and will therefore last longer. They can also be used by babies and toddlers, so there is a good chance they will be used for several years. They may even be able to be passed down to younger siblings.

Final Thoughts

Touch and feel books are a great way for your baby to explore their sense of touch. It can also help them to develop a love of reading when they are older.

There are so many different books available, that there is no need to limit your collection to one or two books. They are not expensive and offer good value for money when you think that they are likely to be enjoyed by your children for a number of years. They are completely portable and can be carried with you whenever you are out of the home.

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