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The 7 Best Baby Thermometers of 2022 [Guide]

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Being a mom comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to ensure your baby is safe and doesn’t have a fever, especially due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the Covid-19 symptoms include cough, runny nose, and fever. Note that the baby can show those symptoms due to many other underlying conditions.

A baby thermometer comes in handy, especially if suspect your baby is sick, and you want to know whether your baby has a fever. A report shows that children below two years get up to 10 colds. That’s why it’s advisable to keep acetaminophen and Tylenol at home in case your baby has a high fever.

Types of Baby’s Thermometers

Digital Thermometers

They take less than a minute to record your baby’s temperatures. They’re usually placed under the tongue or armpit to read the temperatures.

Ear Thermometers

They are inserted in the ears to take the temperatures. It can be only be used to take temperatures for babies who are more than six months old.

Forehead Thermometers

They are swiped across your baby’s forehead, they read temperatures from the veins that run underneath the forehead. These are the least invasive types of thermometers, if less accurate. That said, you can easily take multiple measurements to gain confidence in the results.

Rectal Thermometers

As the name implies, these thermometers are inserted in the bum. These are the thermometers most recommended by doctors as being the most accurate for babies. These are the only type of thermometer you should rely on from ages 0 to 3 months old.

How to Choose the Best Baby Thermometer

Before you add a baby thermometer to your medicine cabinet, here are the aspects and features that you should consider.


This is by far the most important thing to avoid misinformation. Go for baby thermometers which medical specialists recommend, and are reviewed highly.


There are numerous thermometers out there, some with features that go above and beyond what you really need. Consider which features you will truly value, and you can choose one that is effective and fits your budget.

Backlit display

Choose a baby thermometer with a backlit display to make it easier for you to take temperatures at night. This can be especially important if you have multiple children or a sleeping spouse that you do not want to disturb.


Pick a thermometer that is not only accurate but also gives you results within a few seconds. This isn’t the 19th century; we don’t need to wait 10 minutes for a thermometer to rise anymore.


If you have many children, you can choose a thermometer used by children of different ages. However, you can still buy thermometers exclusively made for a specific age.

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Best Baby Thermometers Review

Safety First Rapid Read 3-in-1 Thermometer

You can use this thermometer to take your baby’s temperature rectally, orally, or place it under the arm. It’s advisable to take the temperature of children under the age of 3 using these options because they give you the best reading. You can use any of the options available that your baby is most comfortable with. It only takes a few seconds to take the readings, and it produces a beep sound when the readings are ready. To avoid contamination, clean the tip after every reading using an alcohol swab.


  • Provides accurate reading
  • Provides three modes of use
  • It has a flexible tip
  • Beeps after the reading is ready


  • Poor battery life
  • Flimsy

Kinsa QuickCare Digital Thermometer

Are you looking for a digital thermometer? KinsaQuickCare is your best choice. It allows you to take your baby’s temperature orally, under the arm, or ectally. The best thing is you get the reading on your Kinsa Smartphone app. The app not only shows the results but also records other symptoms that your baby may be showing. The thermometer is powered by the phone, so you don’t need to change the batteries.


  • Provides three modes of use
  • It comes with a free app that displays your baby’s temperatures
  • No batteries needed
  • Gives advice based on the reading shown


  • To enjoy the app, you need to do an initial set-up

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FridaBaby Quick Read Rectal

The only way you can get the exact temperature is by taking rectal temperatures. FridaBaby allows you to take temperatures rectally, and you get the results within ten seconds. It has a backlight feature that makes it easier for you to take the temperature at night. It has a large digital screen, and you can easily see the reading even at night.


  • The best option if you want to get the exact reading
  • Has backlight that helps you take the reading even at night


  • Not ideal for people who’re not comfortable taking a rectal temperature

Braun ThermoScan7 Ear Thermometer

Are you looking for an ear thermometer that gives you an accurate reading? Braun ThermoScan allows you to take a precise reading from the baby’s ears. The best thing is you can enter your toddler’s age and save the previous nine readings. This thermometer has a pre-warmed tip so your baby won’t feel cold when taking the temperature.


  • Pre-warmed tip
  • Provides accurate results
  • It saves the last nine reading
  • Option to enter your baby’s age range


  • Not a good option for children suffering from an ear infection

Vava Baby Thermometer

Vava thermometer is an ideal option, especially if you want a thermometer that will alert you after the readings are ready. It has a wireless patch made of silicone that attaches to your baby armpits. Once the readings are ready, they are displayed on its LCD screen. It can hold a charge for 24 hours and only takes one and a half hours to charge.


  • Wireless
  • Alerts you when the reading is ready



  • Takes temperature only through placing it under the armpit


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Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer

Many pediatricians prefer this thermometer since it’s very easy to use. You only swipe it across your baby’s forehead, and the readings will be displayed on its LCD screen. This is by far the most effective and easy-to-use thermometer because you won’t have to disturb your little one. You can even take temperature when the baby is sleeping.


  • Easy to use
  • Gives accurate readings
  • It gives results within a few seconds


  • Some moms find it hard to swipe correctly
  • Not ideal for children with sweaty foreheads because it will give an incorrect reading

iProven DMT-489 Ear and Forehead Thermometer

iProven is the best 2-in-1 thermometer because it allows you to take temperatures on the forehead or through an ear. It also has a backlit screen that helps you comfortably take the temperatures at night.


  • Has two options for taking temperatures
  • Has backlight that helps you take the reading even at night
  • Give results within a few seconds


  • Not ideal for children who has a sweaty forehead and an ear infection


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Do I need a special thermometer for my baby below three months old?

Yes, specialists recommend using a baby thermometer with a rectal option to get the most accurate results.

Forehead thermometers are very accurate when used for children between three months to four years old. For children below three months, it’s advisable to use rectal thermometers.

What temperature is too high for a baby?

  • For a baby between 0-3 months, a temperature of 100°F (38°C) is too high.
  • For a baby between 3-6 months, a temperature of 102°F (38.9°C) is too high.
  • For a child between 6-24 months,, a temperature of 102°F (38.9°C) is too high.

If your baby has a temperature exceeding the above guidelines, call a doctor. You cannot be too careful.

Wrap Up

Few things can stress out a parent than having an infant with a fever. You can only know the exact body temperature of your baby if you have an accurate baby thermometer. If your baby’s temperature is higher than the normal range, you should quickly call your doctor and follow their advice, baby fevers are not something to be taken lightly. Since there are numerous baby thermometers out there, you should do your due diligence before you settle for one.

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