Best Baby Spoons

Best Baby Spoons of 2022

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You’ve seen all of the cute little pictures of friends and family members’ babies covered in all kinds of smashed-up food. How are you ever going to begin cleaning it all up? Let’s face it, you know that it’s coming.

Well, no matter how you plan on tackling that mess, which is definitely inevitable, you’re going to need the right utensils that are small-sized for spooning your little one. Then, when he or she gets a little older, your baby will begin using a spoon to feed himself or herself and then eventually a fork as well.

Babies generally begin to use an infant feeding spoon for eating their food at around six months of age. So, we put together our all-time favorite baby spoons for the purpose of helping you and your little self-feeder.

How to Choose the Best Baby Spoons

Some parents wonder if their baby really needs a baby feeding spoon.

The answer is yes, absolutely, and we always recommend a soft-tipped spoon that has been designed specially for babies. They’re really gentle on your little one’s gums while also limiting the portions to little tiny spoonfuls that are just perfect for tiny mouths.

In addition, since they’re actually miniature versions of the real thing, they fit easily into your baby’s mouth. Here are a few of the key features to search for when you shop for the perfect spoon for your baby:

  • Material

You should always try to avoid the use of a metal spoon for feeding your baby because it could harm your little one’s soft gums. The best baby spoon material is silicone since it’s soft and won’t hurt his or her gums. In addition, the soft silicone tip could help with teething problems.

  • Size

The correct size is very important because, if a baby’s spoon is too big, he or she could have difficulty grasping its handle and using it.

  • Weight & Bendability

Lightweight bendable baby spoons are recommended so that you can change the angle of your baby’s spoon easily so that he or she is comfortable with it.

  •  Washable

Feeding your baby and teaching self-feeding can already be a handful for moms and that’s why a baby spoon that’s dishwasher safe is a must.

  • Avoid Choking Hazards

If you’re even thinking about a removable-tip spoon, forget it. It can be dangerous since it could become a choking hazard. Your best option is a soft tip single-piece spoon.

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Best Baby Feeding Spoons Reviews

So, here are a few specific baby utensils for you to consider. You might just find that one of them will become your sweet baby’s all-time favorite:

Best Bargain Priced Baby Spoon

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons

These spoons are ideal for infants who are just starting to eat solid foods.

And, these sturdy yet soft spoons are slightly deeper, which means food settles into the spoon rather than slipping off of it. What’s more, for a super low price, you’ll get half a dozen spoons in all the colors of the rainbow.

Available in a 6 or a 12 pack size.


  • BPA-free
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Multiple colors
  • Great for 4+ months old


  • Not boiling water, steam, or microwave-sterilization safe
  • Spoons are long enough that they may fall out of baby bowls

Best Temperature Testing Feeding Spoon For Infants

Munchkin White-Hot Infant-Safety Spoons

Let’s talk about spoons with technology! These spoons have thermal sensor tips to help protect your little one from accidental burns.

If the food is too hot for the baby, the tip of the spoon turns white. Color returns when food is heated to a safe temperature.

And, since the Munchkin spoons have deeper bowls, it can be difficult for beginners to remove all food from the spoon. But those little ones who can professionally lick the spoon clean will get every bite.


  • Perfect size for infants
  • Accurate temperature reading
  • Turns white if food is hot almost immediately


  • The handle of this spoon may seem a bit heavy
  • Plastic may scrape off of this spoon with use

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Best Gentle-on-the-Gums Feeding Spoon

Ezpz Tiny Spoon

These Ezpz super soft silicone food spoons will delight his or her sensitive gums and teething gums. And the sensory bumps tell those little lips where to stop biting, not to mention soothing your baby’s sore gums.

For babies 4+ months


  • Pediatric feeding specialist design
  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • PVC, BPA, BPS, latex, lead, and phthalate-free
  • Bumps on spoon bottom stabilize it while at rest


  • Smaller than some consumers expected
  • Gets somewhat slippery when food gets all over the spoon’s handle

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FAQs About the Best Baby Utensils

Q: How many baby spoons do I really need for my baby?

A: To get started, you’ll generally need at least two or three of them. While you can, of course, wash the spoons between feedings, you’ll be surprised how many spoons fall on the floor, get tangled in your baby’s hair, and are just covered in all sorts of mess.

Q: When can my little one use baby spoons for self-feeding?

A: Most experts recommend putting utensils into their hands somewhere between the ages of 10 and 12 months, which is also when he or she will probably begin to show signs of interest.

Q: When should my baby begin to spoon feed himself or herself?

This should happen at around 10 to 12 months and your little one will continue to get better at using spoons from there, especially if you use one of the best baby spoons self-feeding.

Q: How should I teach my baby to start eating with a spoon?

Most babies can swallow a spoonful of baby food without choking at around 6 months of age.

So, start introducing the spoon as soon as you introduce your child to the food. Prepare the spoon with some food and then give your baby a chance to practice bringing the food to his or her mouth.

Once your little one starts to show a strong desire to start self-feeding, you can help him or her simply using the manual method of helping get the food to his or her mouth.

Q: How should I spoon-feed my baby for the first time?

Most babies’ first meal is small iron-fortified baby cereals mixed with breast milk or infant formula. Start by bringing the spoon to your baby’s lips, letting him/her smell it, and then taste it. Don’t be surprised if this first spoonful of food gets rejected. Just wait and then try again.

Final Words About the Best Spoons For Baby to Self-Feed 

Choose what’s right for you and your baby because there isn’t any absolute best when you’re talking about baby spoons. But, you can rest assured that whichever one of the best baby spoons for a 4-month-old you end up choosing, your sweet little one will eventually learn all about using after plenty of playing around and making lots of messes.

In any case, we hope that our best baby spoon reviews have helped you with making this all-important decision.

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