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What is the Best Baby Carrier? [Top 8 Baby Carriers of 2022]

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Every mom or dad loves to cuddle a sleeping baby. Babies are warm, snuggly, and make the cutest sounds while sleeping- not to mention that sweet new-baby smell. That is, unless they have a dirty diaper!

While holding our baby is heartwarming and comforting, there comes a time that we need another solution to lessen the strain on our tired arms and shoulders.

Unless you have supernatural biceps or people to help you carry the baby around, carrying the baby around can prove to be one tough task. Their weight grows daily, and even when you might have people to help you out, you know babies don’t always appreciate being in everyone’s company.

Baby carriers come in handy when you need a hands-free experience while carrying your baby along.

However, with many baby carriers in the market, choosing the most right one for your needs can be daunting, especially for new parents. Variety is king, from backpack style holders to simple fabric wraps, the choices are endless.

Therefore, you should first decide what type of carrier will best meet your individual needs. Here is the Nursing Mammy guide on how to choose the right baby carrier for you and your lifestyle, along with a review of the top eight baby carriers currently on the market.

The Best-in-Class Baby Carrier

The Infantino 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier proves to be the overall best baby carrier in 2022:

With over four different baby carrying positions to use at quite an affordable price, very few baby carriers can match up to the Infantino 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier. The carrier is also adjustable, meaning mom and dad can both use it.

In addition, the baby carrier proves to be even more versatile, having it carry kids weighing between eight to fifteen pounds.

Types of Baby Carriers

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of types of baby carriers in the market. Here are the most common baby carriers that might come into play when looking for the best baby carriers.

Structured Carriers

Probably the most common in the market is the structured baby carriers. They look quite like bookbags with adjustable clips, straps, and padding throughout. With the structured carriers being highly designed, versus the typical cloth wrap or sling, they prove to be the most ergonomic baby carriers.

Slings and Wraps

When it comes to newborns, ring slings and wraps prove to be the most ideal. Notably, they use long fabric pieces to keep the baby snug against your body. In addition, mothers might love their versatility to reposition for breastfeeding and naps.


Quite a new model in the market, hybrids strike a balance between adjustability of the wraps and ease of use of the structured carriers. Most hybrids have straps for your waist and shoulders with a fabric to tie around the middle to ensure enough support.


Primarily for older kids, backpacks are most suitable for all-day wear for people who need to do some traveling or hiking with baby carriers. After all, tagging along with your young ones to some adventurous moments like such can help boost their joy and reduce boredom at home.

Hip Seats

Neck and head support prove to be essential, especially when the baby is growing older. In such scenarios, hip seats prove to be the most optimal choice. While they are not hands-free, they are quite helpful when it comes to offsetting the weight from carrying your grown baby in your arms.

How to choose the Right Baby Carrier

Thanks to the innovative minds, baby carriers come in many styles to suit tons of different ages, sizes of babies, activity levels, and even personal preferences. While there are many parameters that one can consider when choosing which baby carrier is best for their needs, here are the most primary things to consider.

What type of Baby Carrier do I need?

When purchasing a baby carrier, your lifestyle and goal will come to play when choosing which baby carrier is best for your needs. For example, purchasing a baby carrier for either hiking, travel, or breastfeeding will put new specifications on the most optimal baby carrier to settle for.

If you plan to be a highly active parent, taking your baby with you on hikes, camping, and otherwise, then choosing a structured carrier or backpack type would be our recommendation. This type exists to ensure that the baby carrier stays secure during long periods of movement and activity.

If you plan to use the carrier more around the house, to free up your arms to do work, chores and other tasks, then comfort should be your priority. A sling or hybrid wrap would likely suit this usage.

Weight Requirements

Your baby is growing each day; hence when purchasing a baby carrier, you might need to check on its weight limits and specifications depending on how long you intend to use it. While snug carriers might prove optimal for smaller babies, bigger baby carriers that can handle up to forty-five pounds are recommendable when it comes to babies older than a year.


You’ll need to be able to clean your carrier, and we all know the sorts of accidents that babies produce.

Consider finding a baby carrier that allows you to remove the fabric from the frame, or otherwise is easy to throw into the washing machine.


Finding a carrier that has high-quality stitching and durable material is important. There’s no point in having a baby carrier that isn’t going to last.

Your baby carrier should be as dependable as you are, especially if you plan on using it for the next few years. Moreover, choosing a brand that has been tested and is highly reputable will ensure your child’s safety and comfort at all times.

Secureness and Adjustability

When carrying your baby, you’ll feel most comfortable if the carrier is the right fit. Adjustable straps are a must for comfort.

It’s critical that the carrier is easy to put on, but also secure, and still comfortable enough for you to use throughout your day if needed.

Ease of Use

Opting for a baby carrier that is simple to use is highly recommended. Don’t pay for something that is too confusing to use, or that you aren’t confident you can use by yourself (picture yourself putting it on while holding the baby).

If you prefer one of the more complicated wraps, remember that you can find all manner of instructional videos or step-by-step instructions online you’re having trouble using it.

Best Baby Carriers of 2022

#1 – Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier

One of the rarely mentioned factors when purchasing a baby carrier for new parents is cost friendliness. However, despite being the best budget-friendly baby carrier, the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 carrier offers versatility when it comes to using.

You can have this baby carrier used as a backpack, facing in with a narrow seat, facing out, and/or facing in with a wide seat. Versatility doesn’t end there, having the baby carrier safe to carry babies from eight to around thirty-two pounds.


  • Versatile wearing positions- up to four
  • Cost friendly


  • Has limited padding

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#2 – Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant and Child Sling

Combining a simple design and utmost comfort, the Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier is one of the best baby carriers you can ever possess. Thanks to its developers’ innovativeness, the baby carrier can handle up to five different positions, helping you carry kids of up to thirty-five pounds.

In addition, you can trust this baby carrier in terms of safety thanks to its double-loop design as well as one-way stretch that help hold your baby securely.


  • Comes with a simple but comfortable design
  • Machine washable
  • Up to five different positions


  • Might not be the best for kids below eight pounds and above thirty-five pounds

#3 – Baby K’tan Organic Baby Wrap Carrier

Going natural in the current age is quite the trend, and thanks to Baby K’tan brand for realizing this niche in the baby carrier business. Their Organic Baby Wrap Carrier offers you a natural option for a baby carrier, making the baby carrier wrap of pure organic cotton. The yield is a super soft, breathable baby carrier that puts its brand ahead of the competition.

Unlike most wraps in the market, the Baby K’tan Organic Baby Wrap Carrier slips over your head. And thanks to their variety in sizes, you can find a size to fit your baby up to thirty-five pounds.


  • Machine washable
  • Made of pure organic cotton
  • Allows versatility in carrying position


  • Not the best for newborns or too heavy kids

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#4 – Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

If you search for the best no-frills baby carrier, then Boba Baby Wrap Carrier has got you covered. Made of cotton and spandex, the Boba Baby Wrap is a popular baby carrier wrap famed for the catalog of color it comes in.

Surprising is its versatility in use, having it come in handy while carrying newborn babies and toddlers up to thirty-five pounds heavy. Thanks to its 5% spandex material, the Boba Baby Wrap Carrier is stretchable, making it a one-size-fits-all carrier.


  • One-size-fits-all carrier
  • Up to two baby carrying positions (facing inward and front)


  • Not the most comfortable for larger infants and toddlers

#5 – Baby Wrap Carrier – All in 1 Stretchy Baby Sling

Baby Wrap Carrier requires no major introduction having it be one of the most popular best baby carrier wraps in 2022. Its long pieces of fabrics wrap snuggly around the kid and you to create quite an affectionate feel which is a darling to many newborns.

Like most baby carrier wraps, Baby Wrap Carrier offers quite some versatility in use, allowing you to wrap it in different ways depending on the baby’s size and developmental stage. Ahead and neck support is available for newborns.


  • Fits easily in diaper bags
  • Comes in a soft and lightweight fabric


  • Getting used to wrapping might require practice
  • Only suitable for young babies due to comfort

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#6 – Konny Baby Carrier Summer | Ultra-Lightweight, Hassle-Free Baby Wrap Sling

For the best breathable and less weight, you might have to check the Konny Ultra-light Baby Wrap Sling. Thanks to its cotton material that the baby carrier weighs less than half a found, making it one of the lightest in the market. Its unique design helps alleviate shoulder and neck pain by disturbing the baby’s weight evenly.

You might love the fact that this baby carrier is designed to carry babies of all sizes, thanks to the brand’s innovative different size options. Therefore, you can carry newborns and even kids up to forty-four pounds heavy. A small pocket is also featured for the pacifier, and thanks to its machine washable nature, you can clean it hassle-free.


  • Unique design helps back and shoulder pain
  • Quick and Easy to put on
  • Machine washable
  • Comes in a variety of sizes


  • While its machine washable, it’s not dryer safe

#7 – BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini

Finding the most comfortable baby carrier in the market for newborns can be quite a tough task. However, BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini Carrier proves to be the optimal choice to carry newborn babies around. This soft carrier is designed to handle kids weighing seven to twenty-four pounds and is structured to hold the baby up high on your chest.

Mothers might feel this as a gift, providing closeness when carrying the kid around, especially during the newborn phase where kids need to bond with them. Thanks to its ease in unfastening the front section to allow lifting of the newborn out that mothers won’t have to worry about their little ones snoozing in the carrier.


  • Ideal for newborn kids
  • Easy to wear and unfasten


  • Only suitable for newborns (Max age approx. 12 months)

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#8 – Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier

One of the best baby carrier slings in 2022 is the Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier. Notably, the baby carriers sling is most suitable for excellent for warm weather thanks to its breathable nature. Parents can use it, especially outdoors, in water-related activities too, such as the beach or pool.

The baby carrier sling made of light mesh fabric remains ideal for babies not more than thirty-five pounds. Thanks to the mesh light and airy design that it dries up quickly even after contact with water.


  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for warm weather thanks to its airy/breathable design
  • Suitable for water-related activities too


  • Difficult to make adjustments


When can a baby face forward in a Baby Carrier?

When your baby’s neck muscles are strong enough to support their own head up, they can face forward in a carrier. This usually happens between four and six months old, but each baby is different.

Until what age should I use the Baby Carrier?

The #1 rule here, is to follow the weight restrictions for your baby carrier to ensure you’re using it correctly.

It is essential to encourage your baby to start crawling and learning to walk as soon as they are showing signs of being ready. The last thing you want is to discourage the baby from developing the necessary skills so that you won’t have to carry them anymore!

So, be careful to not over-carry them as the baby gets older. That said, many parents will use their baby carriers until the baby is around 2 years old.

Final Thought

While it might have started as a trend, babywearing proves to be a culture never to be lost. Thanks to the innovative brands that each year, more styles and types of baby carriers are being made. In a world flooded with tons of different baby carriers, one should be quite choosy when choosing the most optimal choice for their desired baby carrier.

What baby wrap did you choose?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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