What is a Baby Sprinkle?

What is a Baby Sprinkle and How do I Throw One?

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You’ve heard of a baby shower, but what about a baby sprinkle? If you want a baby shower on a smaller scale, you’ve come to the right place!

Is this your second or third child? Are you planning on using hand-me-downs? Has this global pandemic put a damper on your party plans? Do you not want the hassle of a big party?

That’s okay, together we’ll figure it out! We promise you won’t miss out on the experience.

What’s the Difference between a Baby Shower and a Baby Sprinkle?

The baby shower is an old tradition. Baby showers are something we do for new parents. It is a party designed for getting an abundance of gifts for your new baby. Baby showers have lots of guests, presents, and food.

But what about the smaller version of the baby shower—the baby sprinkle? We’re looking at fewer guests, a small pile of presents, and a little food. The best part of all, the baby sprinkle doesn’t last as long as a baby shower!

Who Hosts the Baby Sprinkle?

Anyone can hold a baby sprinkle. If you want this to be small and practical, you are welcome to host the party yourself. Of course, that doesn’t mean that others can’t host the party for you. Just remember that not everyone knows what a baby sprinkle is. If someone else hosts your baby sprinkle—tell them exactly what you want.

How to Plan a Baby Sprinkle Party

You still plan a baby sprinkle too. You might find there isn’t much planning—but there’s some. Because it’s so small you can keep it simple and affordable. Just be sure to give your guests plenty of notice before the party. You may choose a theme, choose decorations, and pick a place to hold the baby sprinkle. You might not need to do as much planning—but you can have fun doing it. Planning a baby sprinkle is tricky. We’re here to help you with the basic planning of your baby sprinkle.

The Guest List for your Baby Sprinkle

A baby shower has more guests to accommodate for gifts. The average size of a baby shower is around twenty guests.

These vary from close friends, family, extended family, and co-workers. At a baby shower, you get plenty of presents, and some of them are bigger items. If you’re not looking for this, it might be more practical to throw a baby sprinkle instead.

With a baby sprinkle, you’re not looking for a lot of presents, therefore you don’t need many guests. You can get away with having only ten guests because baby sprinkles are small and intimate. We usually reserve it for parents, siblings, and best friends.

Baby Sprinkle Themes and Decorations

There are many adorable themes for a baby sprinkle. We’re sure you can come up with something fantastic. You can choose a traditional theme for your baby sprinkle. Such as baby animals or nursery rhymes. Or you can choose something unique and trendy. Such as Boho Floral and Baby-que.

For decorations, you can keep these simple too. Choose things like little rain clouds and balloons filled with confetti. You can add flower vases filled with sprinkles, polka dots on the walls, and sprinkle-covered desserts. Or you could use your imagination and come up with something great!

If you’re not the type for party themes, well, that’s okay too. This is your party, so make it yours, and whatever you plan—it’ll be fun.

What About Games for the Baby Sprinkle?

Did you know that the length of a baby shower can last up to four hours? This seems like a long time for a small gathering. Therefore, most baby sprinkles last about one and a half to two hours, tops.

We use most of that time for chatting, gifts, and eating. That doesn’t leave much time for games! Not the number of games you’d play at a baby shower, at least.

What’s a party without games? If you wish to add a few games to your baby sprinkle, it’s totally up to you. Remember, this is your party. If you choose games, we suggest you find and choose games that don’t take a lot of time. And games can be done while doing other things.

Food for the Baby Sprinkle

At a baby shower, there is enough food that it qualifies as a meal. Please keep in mind that at a baby sprinkle, there isn’t enough food to qualify as a meal. At a baby sprinkle, you serve mostly snacks and sweets. Therefore, you should be sure to inform your guests that they won’t be eating a meal.

The alternative to this is the baby sprinkle brunch. Here, you center the entire baby sprinkle around the meal. You can serve anything at your brunch. We suggest sparkling drinks, a light quiche, tea sandwiches, and fruit tarts. A brunch is a perfect alternative for a baby sprinkle, and it is very practical too. It will give you time to open gifts and swap parenting stories with your guests.

Baby Sprinkle Gifts?

Did you know that with baby showers, you get an abundance of gifts? Especially if this is your first child.

You’ll likely get gifts like a stroller, crib, and car seat. Don’t expect that with a baby sprinkle, you won’t likely get anything you already own, and therefore nothing big. Expect gifts like diapers, clothes, and blankets.

But what if you don’t need baby items? Your guests could bring cooked meals that you could later share with your family when you are especially tired. Or you could ask for personalized or monogrammed items for your baby.

Virtual and Drive-By Baby Sprinkles

Did you know that Covid-19 has put a damper on parties? Because of the global pandemic, you might find it not practical to hold a baby sprinkle. But did you know there are other ways to celebrate?

What if you’re worried about Covid or there are people out of town you want to invite? There is always the option of having a virtual baby sprinkle.

You host these online in the comfort of your own home. The best part is that friends from all over the world can come. You’ll have just as much fun as at an in-person party, and best of all—no clean-up! Welcome to the age of technology!

If this isn’t practical for you, there are other options for a global pandemic baby sprinkle. Such as a socially distanced party, or that of a baby sprinkle drive-by. There are plenty of resources online to plan these.


Q – What is a baby sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is a smaller and more intimate version of a baby shower.

Q – What’s the Difference?

The difference between a baby shower and a baby sprinkle is the number of guests, presents, and amount of food.

Q – Who can Host a Baby Sprinkle?

Anyone can host a baby sprinkle. We recommend that either you host or you tell your host exactly what you want.

Q – Do I Have to Plan a Baby Sprinkle?

Yes. Even though it is smaller than the baby shower, the minimum amount of planning is required.

Q – How Many Guests do you invite to a baby sprinkle?

Around ten.

Q – Do I Have to Choose a Theme for my baby sprinkle?

No, choosing a theme is a fun option.

Q – Can I Choose My Own Decorations?

Yes, absolutely.

Q – Do I Have to Play Games at My Baby Sprinkle?

No. You don’t have to play games at your baby sprinkle if you don’t want to.

Q – Can I Play Games at My Baby Sprinkle?

Absolutely. We recommend you don’t choose too many. Also, choose games that don’t take up a lot of time or can be done while doing other things.

Q – Is There Food at a Baby Sprinkle?

Yes, but not as much food as there is at a baby shower. Mostly you serve snacks and sweets at a baby sprinkle.

Q – What is a Baby Sprinkle Brunch?

This is a baby sprinkle alternative in which we center the baby sprinkle around a meal.

Q – If I have a Baby Sprinkle Brunch, What Should I Serve?

You may serve anything you like. A few suggestions we have are sparkling drinks, a light quiche, tea sandwiches, and fruit tarts.

Q – Will I get gifts at a Baby Sprinkle?

Yes. You just won’t get as many, and they typically aren’t enormous gifts.

Q – Covid-19 is Preventing Me From Having Gatherings, Are There Other Alternatives?

Yes. You could have a virtual baby sprinkle, a socially distanced baby sprinkle, or a drive-by baby sprinkle.


Whatever you decide to do with your baby sprinkle, be sure to keep it small, yet entertaining. As long as you do, guests in person or virtual will come and enjoy your party. In the end, your baby will get a few new items, and you’ll get that support you’ve been needing.

The thing is, we need things like baby sprinkles in our lives to enjoy the simpler things. So if you are planning on skipping that baby shower, why not have a baby sprinkle instead?

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