are kiinde twist pouches reusable?

Are Kiinde twist pouches or bags reusable?

Are Kiinde twist pouches reusable? This is a common question asked by a majority of breastfeeding moms. This article will focus on answering this question so as to help you understand why you should or should not reuse the twist pouches or bags for breastmilk.

When you are exclusively breastfeeding, one of the things on your to-do list is to pump and store breast milk every day. You store the milk mostly in special plastic bags that are designed specifically for collecting and storing breast milk in the fridge or freezer.

Majority of nursing moms use the Kiinde Kozii twist pouches or bags. This is because they are easy to use, easy to pump into, and very convenient since you can feed the baby directly from them. However, these pouches tend to be a little bit expensive compared to other breastmilk storage containers. For this reason, some parents are tempted to reuse them a few times before disposing of. But should they be reused?

Before we discuss whether or not the Kiinde twist pouches can be reused, let’s look at what makes them unique.

Kiinde Twist pouches, what are they?

The Kiinde twist pouches are part of the Kiinde Twist system, which is designed to collect, store, and feed the baby.

They are loved by many breastfeeding moms because:

  • You can pump directly into the pouch using a compatible adaptor depending on the type of pump you have.
    Luckily, the pouches can lock onto most pumps, especially from the major manufacturers. However, the adapters are sold separately. Moms who have used these pouches agree that it is much easier to pump milk directly into the bag than waste milk when transferring from the bottle into the bag.
  • After pumping and collecting the milk, you can store the pouches in the fridge or freezer.
    They are sturdy so they can stand firmly without toppling over in the freezer. For more compact storage, you can lay them flat in the freezer and you will able be able to fit more pouches.
  • When it comes to feeding, Kiinde twist bags differ from other breastmilk storage bags in that you do not have to transfer the milk into a bottle.
    Simply warm the twist bags in a bottle warmer or in a bowl of hot water and the put the pouch into the Kiinde Squeeze feeding bottle and feed the baby. This bottle is included in the starter kit so you do not have to purchase it separately.
    In addition, the squeezable bottle comes with an active latch nipple. If you prefer nipples from other brands, you can use the direct-pump adapters, which are included in the starter kit, to attach the nipple.
  • The twist pouches are thicker than the other milk storage bags; hence, they do not leak.
  • These pouches fit quite well in a bottle warmer such as the Kiinde Breast Milk Bottle Warmer
  • They are free of toxins. These pouches are made from a material that is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. Moreover, they also come pre-sterilized and ready for use.
  • They come in packs of 22, 40, 80 and 320 so you can buy more to avoid running out. In addition, they come in different volumes of 6 ounces and 8 ounces.
  • The Kiinde twist pouches grow with your baby. You can use them to feed pureed food once the baby is no longer breastfeeding. There is a Kiinde Foodii System that is designed to use the twist pouches so that you can use them to give your baby pureed food.

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Are Kiinde twist pouches reusable?

I came across a certain forum for moms discussing whether or not these milk bags should be reused.

To my surprise, every comment from the nursing moms said that they do reuse the bags at least once. In addition, one parent went ahead to state that she reuses the bags about 5 times after washing and sterilizing them.

But what does the manufacturer say about reusing these pouches?

What the Manufacturer says

The manufacturer clearly states that the twist pouches are recyclable but not reusable (There is a big difference between recycling and reusing)

What does this mean?

This simply means that the pouches can only be used once and then discarded. They should not be washed, sterilized and reused.

Remember that the pouches come pre-sterilized; hence, once you use them, they are no longer sterile. In addition, after the first use, there is a high chance of bacteria growing inside the pouch since it is nearly difficult to wash and dry them completely.

“The pouches are hard to clean so they might pose a health risk to an infant if reused,” says the manufacturer.

However, the pouches can be recycled with regular bottles. You can also go into single-stream recycling.

Can you reuse breast milk storage bags

One important thing to note is that all breast milk storage bags and pouches are not reusable.

If you would like to store milk in reusable containers, below is a list of the most popular containers that are safe to reuse.

Top 5 Reusable breast milk storage containers

1. Lansinoh Breastmilk storage bottles

2. Ameda Breast Milk Storage Bottles

3. Medela Breastmilk Freezing and storing bottles

4. Marty Glass Breast Milk storage bottles

5. Philips Avent breast milk storage cups


So, are Kiinde twist pouches reusable? The answer is a big NO. The health of your baby should always be your number one goal as a parent. Reusing breast milk bags and pouches that the manufacturers clearly state should not be reused is a sure way to put your child’s health at risk. Always read the instructions on the pack carefully before purchase. If for some reason you like to reuse breast milk bags, then you should find storage containers that are marked safe to reuse as the ones provided above.

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