are kiinde twist pouches reusable?

Should You Reuse the Kiinde Twist Pouches?

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Many breastfeeding moms are wondering is it safe for the baby to reuse the Kiinde twist pouches and storage bags. This article will answer this and more frequently asked questions for the Kiinde products. As the interest in environmental protection is growing in recent years, our team decided it is the perfect time to discuss this topic with our readers.

You might want to know the answer to this question only to see if you can afford to purchase Kiinde twist pouches for your daily breastfeeding routine. And that is understandable.

The majority of the moms pump breast milk every day and store it in special plastic bags created for this very reason. These bags are designed to store the milk in low temperatures in the fridge or freezer. It is safe to say that Kiinde Kozii twist pouches or bags are popular products among nursing moms. This is not a surprise for anybody since they are easy to pump into, and the baby can be fed directly from them.

If you look up their price, though, it is slightly above the average breastmilk storage containers. This is why many moms tend to overuse the pouches before throwing them in the bin. You might have wondered yourself for a long time whether it is safe for the baby to reuse them.

Read on to find out whether it is okay to reuse bags for breastmilk or the twist pouches and what makes them so desirable for the new moms.

What exactly are the Kiinde Twist pouches?

They are part of the Kiinde Twist system that collects, stores the milk, and can directly feed the baby.What makes them unique is:

Pump directly into them

The different types of pumps need compatible adaptors to pump directly into the pouch. The good news is that the pouches are compatible with many pump brands on the market. However, the adaptors are sold separately.

Pumping directly into the pouch will eliminate breast milk waste. It is way easier to feed the baby, especially while traveling.

  • Easy to store
    They can be put flat in the freezer or stand firmly in the fridge without toppling over.
  • They have a feeding system
    The average breastmilk storage bags require transferring the milk into a bottle before feeding the baby. With Kiinde twist bags, you skip this inconvenience.
    All you have to do is warm the twist bag in a bottle warmer and put the pouch into the Kiinde Squeeze feeding bottle included in the starter kit. In case you do not have the bottle warmer, you can use a bowl of hot water.
    The active latch nipple that comes with the bottle is good enough. However, there are direct-pump adapters included in the starter kit, in case you use nipples from other brands.
  • Do not leak
    They are super thick, and it is improbable to end up with any leakage. Some low-quality milk storage bags can cause you huge troubles and practically waste your time. Nobody wants to spill off the milk while transferring to the bottle, or even worse, lose some of the milk while traveling.
  • Fit in a bottle warmer
    They fit perfectly in any bottle warmer, but you also can check the same brand’s Breast Milk Bottle Warmer.
    We highly suggest it for its built-in auto shut-off timer and the large capacity it offers. It can fit the food jars after you stop breastfeeding. Instead of using a microwave and worry about uneven heating, this product warms the milk evenly.
  • Free of toxins and other chemicals
    If you are looking for BPA-free, PVC-free, and Phthalates-free milk storage pouches, these ones might be an excellent choice.
    The regular household plastic bags are simply not sterile enough for your baby. It is very common for them to break and cause a mess.
    Kiinde Twist pouches are pre-sterilized and can be used without any preparation on your side.
  • They come in different sizes
    You can buy Kiinde Twist pouches in packs of 22, 40, 80, and 320, depending on your needs. Sounds good, right? It will take a while before you run out of the 320 pouches pack.
    What’s more? They come with different volumes as well – 6 ounces and 8 ounces.
  • Grow with the baby
    In case you have bought the largest pack and end up underusing them, do not worry! These unique Kiinde Twist pouches can come in handy when you feed your baby pureed food in the future. You can check the Kiinde Foodii System that is specially designed for pureed food.

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Are Kiinde twist pouches reusable?

After mentioning why we like the Kiinde twist pouches, our team wants to focus your attention on the original question that inspired us to write this article.

We stumbled upon many opinions on the matter from moms that are reusing these pouches at least once. Some moms put a lot of effort to sterilize them and reuse them about 5 times each.Since it seems like it is a controversial topic, we decided to check what the manufacturer says.

Manufacturer’s statement

“The pouches are hard to clean, so they might pose a health risk to an infant if reused,” The truth is that the Kiinde twist pouches are recyclable but not reusable. For the moms trying to live zero waste, this might not be great news since the product can only be used once.

Unfortunately, it is not advisable to reuse it even if you wash it and sterilize it beforehand. This is because, after the first use, it is tough to completely dry the pouches, which can cause bacterial growth inside the pouch.Single-stream recycling is what you can go for with the Kiinde pouches.

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Is it risky to reuse breast milk storage bags?

Here is the final answer. Neither breast milk storage bags nor the pouches should be reused. If you still prefer reusable containers for your breast milk storage, we have some suggestions for you.

There are storage cups and bottles that are safe to reuse. Some of the most favored ones are Lansinoh breastmilk storage bottles and Philips Avent storage cups.

Wrap up

The Kiinde twist pouches should never be reused. We are sure that if you are reading this, you always put your baby’s health as your number one goal. Make sure that you always look up the instructions on the pack before purchasing any product for your baby.

We are here to learn every day, so we hope that this article provided you with new information that will help to perceive your little sunshine’s health. If you are a part of the zero waste community, we highly advise you to find milk storage containers that are safe to reuse.

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