must have accessories for uppababy vista and cruz

Best Accessories for UPPAbaby Vista & Cruz Strollers (2022)

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I’ve been a mom for over five years now and I have tried it all when it comes to strollers. From cheap Walmart ones to expensive luxury brands that my husband would cringe at every time we walked in the store. Here are some of my favorite accessories for UPPAbaby Vista & Cruz Strollers that saved my sanity and made my life juggling multiple kids easier!

There are many useful accessories on the market from the Uppababy manufacturers – they range from rain covers, footmuffs, parent organizers, and cup holders. They come in really handy when you are outdoors with your little one. You will have comfort when you are strolling in the park or traveling a long distance with such items.


Here are my top picks designed to fit different strollers.

There are all types of footmuffs on the market to choose from. Their primary purpose is to keep your little one warm, cozy, and comfortable while you are strolling in cold weather. They provide full coverage that makes them really efficient during cold days. Whether you are looking for universal or Uppababy footmuffs, it is worth the price to invest. I highly recommend you go with universal footmuffs since they are made to fit all types of strollers. Here is a list of the finest footmuff alternative for UPPAbaby Vista & Cruz strollers.



The Uppababy Cup holder is compatible with the Cruz, Vista, and Minu strollers. It will make things much more convenient while you are strolling or traveling. This is definitely a must-have item for parents.

There are all sorts of cup holders on the market to choose from. Check out our article on the most recommended cup holders for UPPAbaby Vista & Cruz Strollers for a more in-depth look at the options currently on the market.

Parent Organizer

Stroller Organizer with Insulated Cup Holder by Momcozy

No more stuffed pockets or dropped items. Parent organizers are made to help you store and carry around all your essential items such as money, keys, phone, wipes, toys, diapers, etc. It is always good to have one since it will keep you more organized, and you will find more easily the items you are looking for.  Find one with an easy access side pocket to store your phone, keys, or other items. I highly recommend this one from Momcozy.

Piggyback Ride-Along Board

UPPAbaby VISTA PiggyBack Ride Along Board

With this board, you will no longer need a double stroller. It is perfect for parents with an infant and toddler. You can attach the Piggyback Ride-Along Board to the back legs of the stroller and let your toddler stand on it while holding on to the stroller. Usually, double strollers are harder to maneuver; this is the main reason why we prefer this item – it makes things much easier for parents and is compatible with the Vista stroller.

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Infant car seat adapters

Is your baby still too small to sit in a stroller? Or Do you have twins? No longer do you need to lug around a bulky double stroller, car seats can also fit on a stroller. This is possible thanks to the Uppababy Infant car seat adapters. Uppababy offers both Upper and Lower adapters to best suit your needs.

Snack Tray

Snack Tray for VISTA, VISTA V2, CRUZ, CRUZ V2, RumbleSeat, and RumbleSeat V2

Snack Tray becomes a necessary item when your baby grows old enough to be able to feed by itself. We highly recommend the Uppababy Snack Tray – it is very useful and handy. It s made to fit Cruz and Vista strollers perfectly. This tray stays sturdy and stable even on the bumpiest pavements. It is deep enough to hold your little one’s snacks.

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Rumble Seat

Uppababy RumbleSeat V2

Is your Toddler or Preschooler a slow mover? Does she like to stop and look at flowers or pet a puppy when you’re trying to get your errands or workout jog done?  The Uppababy Vista Rumble Seat makes things easier when you need to be on the go. It can be fixed to the stroller very easily with its own adapters. You can fix the rumble seat facing forward or rear-facing.

Infant SnugSeat

UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat

This SnugSeat is made especially for Vista and Cruz strollers. This is a must-have accessory that will provide your baby with comfort and support while strolling. Another reason to get one is that it protects the seat from the mess babies usually create. This SnugSeat is ideal for newborns since it will provide them with extra support and stability.

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Rain Shield/cover

It is always a good idea to have a rain shield on your stroller; after all, you do not want to be surprised by the rain while you are strolling in the park. My top pick is the Uppababy Toddler Seat Rain Shield. It has side vents so that your baby can easily breathe, adjustable ventilation for quick attachment or removal, and a roll-up window.

Wrap up

In the end, it is all about what works for you. I loved my Cruz stroller so much that I relied on them every single day of my life with two children under 5 years old! Now they have a new owner who will get to enjoy these amazing products as well. If you are looking for a stroller system, UPPAbaby has something perfect for your needs. Whether you need a full-size or an easy compact fold-up option, UPPAbaby offers many variations to meet your needs! You can also find accessories from other brands that work seamlessly with their systems too if needed – just be sure to check compatibility before purchasing anything else! Good luck in finding the best fit for your family.

What stroller accessories made your life easier? Let us know in the comments below!

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